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Farm Location

                  3 miles north of Corning, Iowa on Iowa Hwy. 148,
                       1 mile west on 183rd Street (blacktop),
                     then 1 mile north on Holly Avenue (rock).
                                                                     LEAVE ’EM AND BREED ’EM

                                                                     Heifers not picked up at sale time may be left at
                                                                     Loonans on the “Leave ’Em and Breed ‘Em Program.”
                                                                     Loonans will furnish the feed, vaccinate, pelvic
                                                                     measure, breed to calving ease bulls and ultrasound
                                                                     for pregnancy the  rst of each month on any heifers
                                                                     which have been with the bulls 70 days or more.
                                                                     Turnout date will comply with buyer’s request as
                                                                     nearly as possible.
            Judy Loonan                                              Buyers may then pick up their heifer(s) with
            Rick Thompson, Herdsman                                  pregnancy guaranteed to date of pick up. There is no

                             Phone: (641) 322-3921                   guarantee beyond pick up time.
                      1724 Holly Avenue • Corning, IA 50841          The charge is $1.50 per day from sale day until heifers
              Judy’s Cell: (515) 423-5642 • Rick’s Cell: (515) 229-0920  are con rmed pregnant and the buyer is noti ed. Ten
                           E-mail:               days after the buyer is noti ed, the charge will go to
               Website:  $2.00 per day to encourage prompt pick up.
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