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        Welcome to our 42nd Performance Sale to be held February 20, 2017
        at Kist’s Livestock Auction, Mandan, North Dakota.
        As I was doing some research for this sale catalog, I ran across a quote
        from Albert Einstein which reads, “In the middle of a diffi culty lies

        I need not rehash the diffi culty the lower commodity markets have
        caused this past year but, like Einstein stated, I believe we will have
        greater opportunities in the next several years then we had in the past
        couple of years. Let me explain!

        Markets: As individuals there is little that we can do to change the
        markets.  However we can change the product we are producing. In
        2016 the difference between Choice and Select meat averaged $10.81/
        cwt up $3.47/ cwt from just a year ago. The CAB/Choice spread
        averaged $14.44/cwt up $5.77/cwt from 2015. The demand and fi scal
        rewards are out there for those that want to take advantage of the opportunity!

        Certifi ed Angus Beef: In 2016, CAB sold over 1 BILLION pounds of Certifi ed Angus Beef. That is up 13.3% from last year and marks the
        10th consecutive year of record sales. That is over 2.7 million lbs /day of demand for a branded, high-quality product from customers all over
        the world. A far cry from the fi rst pound of CAB sold back in 1978 to an urban housewife. All because someone saw the opportunity!

        Genomic Enhanced EPDs: Never before have we had the tools to make genetic progress faster than we have today. GE-EPDs are the best es-
        timate of an animal’s genetic worth as a parent. In many cases an animal’s EPD accuracy with GE-EPDs is like having progeny data on 7 to 24
        calves. That is like having a whole year’s calf crop on the ground before you even purchase the bull or heifer. Sure we still need to put primarily
        emphasis on traits like soundness, dispositions and even eye appeal, but just think of the opportunity!

        The Cattle: We are proud to present 264 lots of genetic opportunities in our 2017 sale. Whether you are looking for a low birth weight,
        calving-ease bull, a high-growth-rate bull, a bull to sire outstanding carcass traits or some combination of all three, we offer a wide selection
        all sired by the breed’s most sought-after and proven sires. The Tokach females have earned their reputation the old-fashion way. They have
        been bred and developed to run in big country with a minimum of inputs. Their quality is as deep as ever and they are all stamped with that
        “TOKACH FEMALE” look.

                                                                            The sale cattle have been handled the same as in
                                                                            the past. The cattle have not been on creep feed and
                                                                            are not on commercial feed. The bulls were weaned
                                                                            in late-September and the bred heifers taken off
                                                                            grass on December 1st. Birth weight are taken with
                                                                            a scale, weaning weights taken at weaning, and
                                                                            yearling weights taken just in time for this catalog to
                                                                            go to press.

                                                                            The cattle can be seen at Kist’s Livestock Auction in
                                                                            Mandan from February 18th until sale time. Prior to
                                                                            that time, they and the cowherd can be seen at the
                                                                            ranch at your convenience.

                                                                            Thank you to all our customers and the opportunity!

                                                                            The Tokach Family
         2015 Certifi ed Angus Beef “Commitment to Excellence” Award Winner

                                                                                                  Tokach Angus Ranch
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