Page 4 - Tokach Angus 2017 Annual Production Sale
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Sale Information

        AUCTIONEER:                                            RETAINED INTEREST:
          Roger Jacobs, Sheppard, Montana .........................406-373-6124  Tokach Angus Ranch is retaining one-third revenue sharing
        TIME:                                                    semen interest in every bull selling in this sale. Full possession
                                                                 and salvage value sells on all bulls.
          The sale will start promptly at 1:00 p.m. CST
        SALE LOCATION:                                         PREGENCY INFORMATION:
                                                                 The females have been pregnancy checked by a competent
          Kist Livestock Auction, Mandan, ND ..................701-663-9573.
                                                                 veterinarian and guaranteed to be safe in calf. The A.I. breeding
          Located one mile west of the Memorial Bridge on the east edge
                                                                 dates listed in this catalog through ultrasound examination are
          of Mandan. For easiest route, take I-94 to Exit 155 to Memorial
          Highway.                                               determined by a skilled technician. They are not unconditionally
                                                                 guaranteed as to breeding dates.
          Sale headquarters will be the Baymont Inn & Suites Mandan,   BIDS:
                                                                 Buyers unable to attend the sale may call or send their bids to
          ND, located at Exit 152 on I-94. Ask for the “Tokach Angus
          Ranch” block of rooms for lowest rates.                the owners, auctioneer or representatives. Satisfaction guaran-
          800-597-7327 or 701-663-7401                           teed.
        HEALTH:                                                TERMS:
                                                                 All animals will sell fully guaranteed according to the terms and
          The bulls have been vaccinated with a seven-way vaccine –
          B.V.D., I.B.R., PI-3, BRSV, Ivomec’d for lice, grubs and worms.   conditions of the American Angus Association
          The entire calf crop has been tested negative for PI BVD for   FIRST SEASON BREEDING GUARANTEE:
          years. All females have been Bangs vaccinated. Bred females will   All bulls selling for $3,000 or more will be covered 50% by To-
          have received their second dose of Scour Bos 4. Health papers   kach Angus Ranch if they have an untreatable injury that would
          will be furnished to cattle going out of state.        keep the bull from being a breeder for the fi rst breeding season.
        GENOMIC ENHANCED (GE) EPDS:                              Breeding season is defi ned as the 90-day period following the
                                                                 fi rst turnout of the bulls. If a problem occurs, 50% of the value of
          All the bulls in this sale will have GE EPDs. Depending on
                                                                 the injured bull, minus one-half the salvage value, will go toward
          specifi c traits, having GE EPDs will provide a similar amount of
                                                                 a replacement bull if one is available or will be given as credit in
          accuracy as if an unproven animal already had 7-24 progeny. All
          cattle that have GE EPDs are also parentage verifi ed   a future sale. Injury resulting in death of the bull will not be the
                                                                 responsibility of Tokach Angus Ranch. This is an insurable risk
        GENETIC DEFECTS:                                         that the purchaser can obtain coverage for through various live-
          All registered cattle in this sale have been tested free of the AM,   stock insurers. All injured bulls must be diagnosed by a veteri-
          NH and CA genetic defects by pedigree or DNA test.     narian. Please notify us as soon as possible should an injury occur
          The Lot 214 heifer is a DD carrier.                    and prior to the injured bull being sold for salvage. All claims
        VIDEO:                                                   must be made prior to September 1, 2017.
          If the weather cooperatives, we also plan on having video taken   SALE DAY PHONE:
          on the entire sale offering. While we would prefer you to be on   701-663-9573, Toll Free 1-800-732-1163. In case of severe
          the seats on sale day and seeing the cattle in person, we realize   storm sale day, phone 663-9573 or turn your radio to 550 KFYR,
          that is not always possible. The videos will also allow you to view
          the bulls prior to the sale.
          Look for the video links on or on our Facebook   DELIVERY:
                                                                 FREE DELIVERY to central stockyards in North Dakota and
          page - Tokach Angus Ranch.
                                                                 surrounding states on all registered lots. Commercial Females at
                                                                 cost. Deliveries will start immediate after the sale on the regis-
          Free Wintering on the bulls until April 1, 2017. All bulls will   tered bred females.
          be semen checked and delivered free at that time. If we are   EXPECTED PROGENY DIFFERENCES:
          unable to deliver after April 1st then your bulls will have to be
          picked up at the ranch. The bulls will be handled as if they were   The EPDs published in this sale catalog are current as this
          our own but are the property of the buyer. We request that you   catalog was being put together. With weekly updates from the
                                                                 American Angus Association the EPDs will change slightly by
          purchase insurance on any bulls wintered at TOKACH ANGUS
                                                                 sale day.
        2                                                                                         Tokach Angus Ranch
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