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2017 Professional Cattlemen’
                        2017 Professional Cattlemen’s Bull Sale – Cattle with Something EXTRA!s Bull Sale – Cattle with Something EXTRA!
        Dear Friends and Customers,

        A little over 40 years ago the son of a cotton farmer found himself trying to fi nd his place in the agricultural world. He too thought his life’s
        work would be in cotton, but boll weevils led to closure of the family cotton gin and after earning his business degree at Berry College he en-
        tered the banking world. While banking was his source of income he still was a farmer at heart. The transition from row cropping to cattle was
        not easy and he was searching for a cattle breed that would work well in our hot summers yet would produce the beef quality that many desired.
        After reading about Brangus he boarded a plane on Christmas Eve 1975 to fl y to Missouri to purchase his fi rst Brangus cattle. These cattle
        were some of the fi rst Brangus to come to North Georgia. These cattle worked well and helped allow us to sell bulls private treaty off the farm
        which were a big help to a part-time farmer raising three boys who had answered God’s call for him to preach the gospel.

        The preacher became a pastor. Being a father, working for Farm Credit, and pastoring proved to be too much to continue raising registered
        Brangus. While the love and admiration for Brangus remained, he predominately raised crossbred Brangus cattle for the next 20 years and was
        joined in this passion by his sons as they grew up and began to raise their families.

        As we three brothers took a greater role in decision making, we began to put together a predominantly Brangus commercial herd of our own.
        We experimented with bulls from other breeds at times but always found ourselves coming back to “what works.” The functional nature of the
        Brangus breed is essential to our profi tablilty as a farm. Our primary source of bulls through the years has been the fi ne people at Salacoa Val-
        ley Farms owned by David Vaughan. His commitment to the breed and his willingness to stand behind his animals made that a great relation-
        ship. During our time of buying animals from Salacoa Valley, we met Ben Spitzer and his father, John Spitzer. Not believing in luck, we believe
        that meeting was providential! In time, our desire to continually improve our farm, was joined with a need for Spitzer Ranch in Fair Play, South
        Carolina, to develop a new Cooperator. So, in 2010 we resurrected the H+ brand and returned to the ranks of the registered Brangus breeders.

        Ben later left Salacoa Valley and presented us with the opportunity to pasture some Spitzer Ranch cattle for a few years. During this time we
        bought some females from Salacoa Valley and Spitzer Ranch and began following the Spitzer Ranch genetic plan and consigning bulls in the
        Spitzer Ranch Sale. Two years ago, John and Patricia Spitzer approached us about purchasing their cow herd and we felt honored and thought
        it was an opportunity of a lifetime. We want to thank John, Patricia and Ben for their hard work and genetic selection; cattle like these were not
        developed in one breeding. They took generations of calculated breeding to proven sires and meticulous care to develop the herd to this point.
        We will continue the progress!

        We also want to recognize our Dad, Michael Hunt, who set out over 40 years ago headed to Missouri on Christmas Eve not knowing it would
        bring us to where we are today, but I think he’s glad it did! We certainly are! With great enthusiasm and much humility we are blessed to offer
        for public auction the product of the Spitzer genetic plan and the stewardship of the Hunt family! The care and planning behind these bulls is
        time tested and performance proven! These bulls will do the job!

        The Hunt Family
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