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2017 Professional Cattlemen’s Bull Sale – Cattle with Something EXTRA!s Bull Sale – Cattle with Something EXTRA!
                        2017 Professional Cattlemen’
        RESERVE SALE POLICY                                    RETAINED-INTEREST BULLS
             In order for us to offer you quality bulls at auction year after year,   We reserve the right to retain a 50% revenue sharing semen interest
             we must insure that we recover the costs of developing quality bulls.   on any bull sold. Bulls are in your possession and under your control
             We pledge to offer you a quality animal in a fair auction environment.   for natural service and you get 100% of the salvage value. We will
             We do this in a straightforward manner by letting you know our base   continue to own half interest in bulls for the purpose of collecting
             price up front.                                        and marketing semen, as well as using semen in our herds. While it
                                                                    is unlikely large amounts of semen will be collected or sold for many
                                                                    bulls, we need that as an option on bulls sold. As a buyer and at
             All bulls will be offered for auction with a minimum sale price of   your option, you can also have a 50% revenue sharing semen inter-
             $2,500. The high bidder as determined by the auctioneer will be the   est and participate in revenue from semen sales. We have developed
             purchaser of the bull. However, no bull offered in this sale will ever   a Bull Partnership Agreement spelling out further details. Buying a
             be offered for sale at less that the beginning bid price. If any bulls are   retained-interest bull obligates you to that agreement only for semen
             not sold they will be available for $2,700 immediately following the   collection and sales. To avoid any misunderstandings, if you have
             auction and will remain for sale at that price on our farm until sold   any questions at all, please ask. If you chose not to be involved with
             private treaty.
                                                                    semen sales, we still reserve the right to collect and market semen
                                                                    on any retained interest bull.
                                                                    Lots, 1, 2, 3 all sell with Hunt’s Brangus retaining ½ ownership,
                                                                    buyer gets ½ ownership and full possession.

            Bulls are cataloged by sale order and sell in sale order based on the highest Curve Bender Index (CBI).

             When you purchase an animal from our program you become   Customer Commercial Brangus Female Sales. We pledge to
             part of us and have an option to become part of our future   conduct our business in a manner that demands providing
             sales. We are committed to you as a customer and deliver   only the best in genetics and services that make you a repeat
             service with each sale. You will automatically be updated with   customer. We defi nitely provide VALUE ADDED GENETICS and
             current EPDs on your bull purchases and the females sired   strive to provide VALUE ADDED SERVICE.
             by those bulls become candidates to return as part of our

                             Over the years we have become more and   BUT, let’s get real on calving ease! Our “calving-ease bulls” are
                             more conservative on which bulls get fl agged   meant to be used to breed virgin heifers such that they will have little
                             as “Calving-Ease Bulls.” We have adopted   or no calving problems with their fi rst calf. The other bulls in our
                             the philosophy that it is better for us to have   catalog are very appropriate for use on cows that have already had at
                             stricter guidelines than for you to be sorry at   least one calf. There are almost no bulls in the entire Brangus breed
                             calving time. Obviously there are no guaran-  that cannot be used on mature cows and have no calving diffi cul-
                             tees for preventing diffi cult births in heifers.   ties. In fact, because the correlation with size at birth and growth is
             Even the most proven “Calving-Ease Bulls” of any breed will sire a   extremely high, you would be losing growth (and weaning weight) if
             large calf every so often. However, this information is meant to serve   you use our designated “calving-ease bulls” on mature cows.
             as a guide for managing risk of calving diffi culty in your fi rst-calf
             females. Our goal is to help you eliminate heifer calving problems to   In general, always use our bulls fl agged as “Calving-Ease Bulls”
             the best of our ability.                               on virgin heifers for their fi rst calf and use the other bulls on any
                                                                    mature cows in your herd. On the other hand, a “calving-ease
             REMEMBER: Compare Brangus to Brangus – No across-breed EPD   bull” to breed virgin heifers can be a God send.
             comparisons can be made! Bulls indicated by the calving-ease fl ag
             symbol in their data block are considered to be low-risk bulls for
             calving diffi culty.

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