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Embryos and Fullblood Bullullblood Bull
                                                                             Embryos and F
         88        4 ABERDEEN PLUS EMBRYOS

                                                                                                    Duff Pure Beef, sire
             Consignor: Flying J & Ranch
                                       DUFF NEW ATTRACTION
                DUFF E BLAST 8138     [ DUFF EMB814G DIXIE ERICA 624
             DUFF PURE BEEF 217 AAA17778903
                OCC JUANDA 927K        OCC EMBLAZON 854E
                                      [ OCC JUANDA 6245
                                       FAIRWYN’S RENO
                FAIRWYN’S UPWARD      [ 7L151 GOLDILOCKS
                FAIRWYN’S UMA          FAIRWYN’S REVENUE MAKER
                                      [ BRAMBLETYE FAIRWYN’S JEWEL
        Rosebud is a consistent producing Goldilocks donor that’s correct and wide based with   Fairwyn’s Rosebud,
        very strong maternal genetics.
        Duff Pure Beef 217 is a powerhouse and a testament to the power of the Juanada 927K
        cow family. He is expressively muscled, correct and well balanced with tremendous
        pattern and style. He is a real beef bull that is complete and practical.

         89       4 ABERDEEN PLUS EMBRYOS

             Consignor: Flying J & Ranch
                                                                                                    Duff Primo, sire
                                       OCC MISSING LINK 830M
                DUFF BASIC INSTINCT 6501  [ OCC DIXIE ERICA 814G
             DUFF PRIMO 944 AAA+16548432
                                       OCC FREESTYLE 921F
                DCC FS 750H MERLE 135  [ CM MERLE 750H
                                       BRAMBLETYE TRANSAM
                FAIRWYN’S SHAG        [ BHR MCKENZIE
                                       ADMIRAL J222
                7L151 GOLDILOCKS      [ BRAMBLETYE MADAME C208
        Contessa is a prolifi c fullblood donor that produces double digit numbers of embryos
        with each fl ush. She is wide based, deep bodied and correct with longevity and great   Fairwyn’s Contessa,
        udder quality.                                                      donor

        Duff Primo 944 is possibly the best purebred Angus son of Duff Basic Instinct 6501. He
        comes from the Merle cow family that has produced many donors and top sellers.

         90       EZ ALL STATE 03C

                                                    Fullblood Bull
             Color: Black  Tattoo:EZ03C  ALR#:FM27122  BD: 3/15/15  P/H:P  BW:  55
             Consignor: Effertz EZ Ranch
                                       COLOMBO PARK TANNHAUSER
             MCR ALL JACKED UP
                                       KOBBLEVALE CHUDLEIGH
                                       BRENTON’S BEST BRUISER
                BEAU BRENTON          [ SC TOOTSIE 122M
            RBF08 “SUZIE”
                                       COMMANDER II M045
                ALM SUZIE 050K        [ ITEN’S JAMIE 13G
        The only fullblood bull in the sale and truly a great herd bull prospect that’s two years
        old and from the same Suzie cow family that produced the American Royal Grand
        Champion Bonanza’s Prince. He has all the right parts in all the right places....very well   Lot 90

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