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Terms and Conditions                                                    Notes

         Terms: Terms of the sale are cash or check payable immediately upon conclusion of the
         sale and before animals will be moved. Seller will reserve the right to require a certifi ed
         check as settlement before releasing any cattle.      ________________________
         Insurance of Purchases and Risk: All animals are the seller’s risk prior to their sale and
         become property of the buyer as soon as declared sold by the auctioneer. Arrangements   ________________________
         will be made to have insurance available when making settlement.
         Bidding: All animals sell to the highest bidder. Any disputes or challenges regarding bids   ________________________
         will be settled by the auctioneer and his decision will be fi nal.
         Health and Export: A vet will be on hand to write interstate health certifi cates.  ________________________
         Registration and Transfer: All animals sell with registration papers from their respective   ________________________
         breed Association and will be transferred after the sale at the seller’s expense. In the case of
         dual registered cattle, both registration papers will be transferred.  ________________________
         Announcements: Any errors or changes of information contained in the catalog will be
         announced from the auction block and such announcements shall take precedence over   ________________________
         information contained in the catalog.
         Breeding Guarantee: Every effort will be made to make the most up-to-date information   ________________________
         regarding pregnancy check available to the buyers.
         Lowline bred females in the sale have been pregnancy examined by a veterinarian and   ________________________
         found to be safe in calf. The open heifers selling are guaranteed to be breeders. If a female
         appears to be a non-breeder within 6 months of the sale (or within 6 months of when she   ________________________
         reaches breeding age) she may be returned to the seller at the buyer’s expense. The seller
         will then reserve the right to prove the animal a breeder within a six month period, using
         any fullblood registered Lowline bull of his choice through AI or natural service. If success- ________________________
         ful, seller will return animal to buyer, again at buyer’s expense. Should the animal fail to
         prove a breeder, the seller at his option may either return the purchase price to the buyer   ________________________
         or replace the animal with another of equal value in full settlement and satisfaction of all
         claims. In no event shall the seller be responsible for more than the purchase price.  ________________________
         In case the animal in question should develop to be a problem breeder due to negligence
         or improper management by the buyer or if the female has been subjected to any hormonal   ________________________
         or surgical reproduction techniques, the seller’s guarantee does not apply. No guarantee
         is given that bred females will deliver a live calf. No guarantee is given that a female will   ________________________
         produce eggs suitable for transplant.
         All bulls over 15 months of age are semen tested. Bull calves younger than 15 months are   ________________________
         guaranteed to pass a semen test at 15 months of age. No guarantee is given that a bull will
         produce semen that will freeze                        ________________________
         Liabilities: All persons who attend the sale do so at their own risk and Auction Effertz, Ltd.
         and the sale consignors assume no liability for any accidents that may occur. Neither does   ________________________
         Auction Effertz, Ltd. or the sale consignors assume any liability for loss or injury to live-
         stock due to theft, mysterious disappearance, sickness, improper handling or Act of God.   ________________________
         It is also to be clearly understood that Auction Effertz, Ltd. acts only as a medium between
         the buyer and the seller. They are not responsible in any way for any failure on the part of
         the buyer and the seller to live up to their obligations of for the truth of any warranties or   ________________________
         representations, express or implied. Neither does Auction Effertz, Ltd. assume any fi nancial
         obligation to collect or enforce collection of monies between parties. Any legal action that   ________________________
         may in exceptional cases be taken, must be between the buyer and the seller.
         Contract: The above terms and conditions shall constitute a contract between the buyer   ________________________
         and the seller of each animal sold.
         Mail bid: Mail or wire bids may be furnished. Bids must be in the hands of the sale man-  ________________________
         ager in ample time prior to the sale and will be handled in strict confi dence.
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