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Moderator Bulls
                                                                                             Moderator Bulls
         95        JT BIG RED 45D

                                                         BW:  72
             Color: Red  Tattoo:JT45D  ALR#:MM29654  BD: 1/2/16  Halfblood Bull
             Consignor: Trutna Cattle

                  CNS DREAM ON        [
             MR AMIGO REG SIMM 2360021
                    GCF MISS MT. ZELL
                                       MURRUMBONG LGL BLUEY
            LAZY G RED CORAL
                LAZY G MEADOW          MURRUMBONG LGL BLUEY
                                      [ SC BROOK 118M 102H
        A solid red halfblood embryo calf by the great Simmental sire Mr. Amigo and out of the
        terrifi c fullblood cow Red Coral. He’s stout made, powerful and good looking.
                                                                                        Lot 95
         96       ES RED ROYALE

             Color: Red  Tattoo:ES533C  ALR#:MM28400  BD: 4/8/15  P/H:P  5/8 Bull
             Consignor: Scott and Judy Caron
                                       MURRUMBONG LGL BLUEY
                SM BUFORD             [ RED ANGUS COW
             DCS ALI 2A
                                       MCR CROWN ROYALE
                MCR MONTANA WAY       [ MCR ANGUS COW 32
                                       ALM DAKOTA PRIDE
                EZ PRIDE 304P         [ MISS DAKOTA CLASSIC 001U
            EZ PRISCILLA 333X
                                       ALM CLOUT 27H
                EZ MISS CLOUT 315L    [ EZ MISS MIDSHIPMAN 058J
        Another excellent red Moderator bull here, sired by Ali and out of the EZ Pride breeding
        that produced Heloise, successfully campaigned by the Walker family.
                                                                                       Lot 96
         97       ES LUCKY BEAU 520C

             Color: Black  Tattoo:ES520C  ALR#:MM28401  BD: 5/11/15  Halfblood Bull
             Consignor: Scott and Judy Caron
                                       COLOMBO PARK TANNHAUSER
             EZ LUCKY JACK 17Y
                EZ LACEY 55T           EZ LISBON 29L
                                      [ EZ LADY LUCK 51N

            ES SS DAM

        This is a very good one in a great set of Moderator bulls. He’s by the Lucky Jack sire
        and he’s long, well muscled and ready to work.
                                                                                       Lot 97
         98       TLCF KV HONEY’S BEAU 557C

             Color: Black  Tattoo:TLC557C  ALR#:Pending  BD: 9/29/15  Halfblood Bull
                                                         BW:  62
             Consignor: TLC Farms
                                       BEAU AARON M390
                BEAU LAD              [ GLEN INNES M343
             FAIRWYN’S LOW BEAU 204M
                GLEN INNES J306        TRANGIE E088
                                      [ GLEN INNES F403
                                       SAGAHATCHEE 3000C
                TC ERIC 5P            [ T6 ERICA T63
            TCS HONEY 1S ANG X SH
                BUTTERFLY 631          WMF CHASE Y41
                                      [ BLUEGATE BUTTERFLY
        The Honey cow family has produced so many champions for the Tummons family.
        Here’s a great Low Beau son, half brother to the $85,000 Trust Me.
                                                                                 TCS Honey, dam of Lot 98
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