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Focus on Effi  ciency Weekend
                                   EZ RANCH

                        Neil & Jan Effertz   What a year! The market has changed but interestingly, for our breed it has changed for
                             & Family        the better.
                         17350 Hwy 1804 N.   In the times of unprecedented high prices for feeder cattle, no one wanted to hear about
                        Bismarck, ND 58503   lowering annual cow cost. But the last 12 months have brought a difference in attitude
                         701-471-0153 Cell   among progressive beef cattle producers. The very best producers have changed their
                                             focus – not the biggest calves bring the most dollars but instead, “What can I do to
                      wean more pounds of beef per acre and cut my input costs?” What a great question ...
                 and easily answered with the use of the genetics offered in this sale. These bloodlines
                                             will help you moderate cow size, increase the fl eshing ability of your replacements and
                                             lower per head annual cow maintenance costs.

                                             The best recommendation you can give your commercial cattleman friends is to use
                                             fullblood and Moderator bulls on their fi rst-calf heifers and eliminate all calving issues.
                                             Then keep the Moderator-cross heifers as replacements to take 300# off  mature cow
                                             size, thereby increasing carrying capacity and increasing pounds of beef per acre. The
                                             NDSU Dickinson Research Center has done it by 37% more weaning weight per acre
                                             out of Moderator-cross calves.

                                             We have had a wonderful year despite the severe winter. We have had great sales and
                                             a great showing in Kansas City where we had American Royal Supreme Champion
           Abbey and Matt welcomed Cora in July  Female with EZ All Better as well as three division champions. The All Jacked Up offsp-
                                             sring helped us win the coveted Best 6 Head award at the American Royal.

                                             It’s also been a great year for our family – we got to welcome a new granddaughter and
                                             a new grandson.

                                             We have a great sale offering this year with high quality fullbloods and some tremendous
                                             Moderators, both heifers and cows. We are also offering a great set of bulls, some
                                             breed-changing embryos and rare semen packages.

                                             Welcome to North Dakota. Don’t hesitate to call us if there is anything we can do to
                                             make your trip more memorable. Thank you for your interest in our program.

                                             Neil and Jan Effertz
         Sarah and Kris welcomed Eli in January – he
         joins big sister Anna and big brother Connor

                                               Nephew Sam Peterson winning the 2016 Iowa State Fair with Grand Champion EZ All Better 01C
           What a winter – the grandkids loved it!  while a proud Uncle Neil looks on with EZ All That 09C, both daughters of All Jacked Up…fun day.
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