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                                              Reference Sires

           E     MCR All Jacked Up                 Fullblood Bull

                                                      BW: 62
                 BD: 2/28/12  Tatt MCRZ019  Black  Reg: FM18338
                                        The Glebe Woodstock
                 Colombo Park Tannhauser   Avonsleigh Jewel
                 Monte Allegro Zelma    Monte Allegro DaVinci
                                        Terrebonne Victoria
                                        Kobblevale Montague
                 Kobblevale Chudleigh   Binnowee Crystal
        Kobblevale Surprise
                                        Binnowee Caesar
                 Binnowee Starr
                                        Trangie L115
        This powerful fullblood bull is the biggest, stoutest made fullblood bull we have ever had on the
        ranch. He weighed 1900# coming off grass in the fall and stands 50.5” tall. He is athletic, incred-
        ibly structurally correct and good natured. His dam is the renowned Kobblevale Surprise. We
        feel that All Jacked Up may well become Jackaroo’s best breeding son. His fi rst daughtes are in
        production this spring – they are great mothers and milk well, staying in great shape.  MCR All Jacked Up Z019

                 EZ All Dolled Up 02C,                 EZ All Better 01C,                       EZ All In,
        2017 National Sale high seller to JC Ranch  2016 American Royal Supreme Champion   2016 American Royal Grand Champion Bull
                                                   and Grand Champion  Female
          F      Bonanza’s Boxcar 3Y               Fullblood Bull

                 BD: 2/4/11  Tatt 3Y      Black  Reg: FM15218
                                        Broken Arrow Nero
                 Adrossan Neron         Ardrossan Delvene
        MCR Opinionated
                 MCR Blue Flag 53R      EZ Railway 05N
                                        EZ Tinkerbell 27L
                                        Kobblevale Montague W019
                 Kobblevale Chudleigh Y049
                                        Binnowee Crystal Q068
        Bonanza LLC Starr
                 Binowee Starr S027     Binnowee Caesar M455
                                        Trangie L115
        Boxcar was a very impressive show bull (2012 National Reserve Grand Champion) that has
        grown into an even more impressive herd bull. He is sound, athletic, virile and maintains tre-
        mendous body condition in heavy natural service. We’ve used him on fullblood and percentage   Bonanza’s Boxcar 3Y
        Lowline females for 4 years and have yet to assist a birth. His cattle are sound, balanced and
        well muscled.
          G      EZ Luke 24Z                       Fullblood Bull
                                                 Reg: FM21936
                 BD: 6/4/12  Tatt EZ24Z   Blk/Red Gene  BW:49
                                        Brackengrae Beau Lad
                 EZ Lisbon 29L          EZ Olivia 15G
        EZ Western 40W                  ALM Dakota Pride 60J
                 EZ Twinkle 16T
                                        Mugga Lee 9L
                                        Goan Wandoo II
                 Murrumbong LGL Bluey
                                        Goan Black Opal
        Bar J Brook 9W2
                 SC Brook 118M 102H     Bell Brae Boris
                                        ALM Bess 102H
        Luke is an easy calving fullblood bull that carries the red gene. Used extensively on our fi rst-calf
        heifers, both fullblood and percentage, all have calved unassisted. His calves have the same
        deep body, easy fl eshing and stout muscling we see out of the EZ Western breeding. His struc-  EZ Luke 24Z
        tural soundness and mobility make us think these cattle will have tremendous longevity.
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