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                                              Reference Sires

          A      EZ Sundance 10Y                  Halfblood Bull

                                                 Reg: MM20136
                 BD: 3/2/11   Tatt EZ10Y   Black/Red Gene Carrier
                                        Brambletye BBBosun L006
                 Nevada N060            Glen Innes J389
        Brambletye Utah
                 Brambletye Bronwyn II M051   Commodore J001
                                        Brambletye Bronwyn J308
                                        Heet Seeker
                 Point Taken            Meyer 734 Daughter
                                        Traveler 6807
                 Angu Cow 1
        Sundance is a long bodied, heavy muscled, frame score 3.5 halfblood Moderator Plus bull, sired
        by Utah. He weighed 1750# and was 52” tall at three years of age and carries the red gene.
        His calves are long, deep, clean fronted and attractive. He is a powerful, consistent halfblood   EZ Sundance 10Y
        sire. Tested clean for TH and PHA.
          B      EZ  Momentum 117B                Halfblood Bull

                                                      BW: 75
                 BD: 4/17/14  Tatt EZ117B   Black  Reg: MM23323
                                        Cowan’s Ali
                 Bojo                   Buttercup
        MRG Mojo                        ALM Wrangler 44H
                 SC Victoria S11 12J
                                        ALM Dot 12J
                                        Union Pacifi c
                 EZ Houdini 22N         EZ Miss Molly Brown 66J
        EZ Viva 142W
        This powerful bull had a very successful show career as a calf, named 2014 American Royal
        Reserve Champion Bull and is a son of the popular National Champion, Mojo. He is a double
        halfblood Moderator bull whose length, thickness and structural correctness is showing up in   EZ Momentum 117B
        his calves. Tested clean for TH and PHA.                    MRG Mojo 17Y, sire of Momentum (inset)
           C     EZ Copper 124Y                   Halfblood Bull

                 BD: 4/23/11  Tatt EZ124Y   Red  Reg: XM19117
                                                      BW: 62
                                        Bar J Brutus
                 Bar J Redbone 01P      Bar J Babe M227
        Bar J Red Baron S63
                 Bar J Patty 9071       ALM Payday 51H
                                        Midshipman M206
                                        Brambletye Felicity J167
        EZ Miss Quartermaster 125L
        Copper is a tremendous Red Baron son out of a fantastic halfblood cow that always produces
        a great calf. He is a double halfblood, long sided beef bull that has produced some exceptional
        red halfblood calves. Tested clean for TH and PHA.                          EZ Copper 124Y
          D      EZ Pilot 23A                      Fullblood Bull

                 BD: 4/29/13  Tatt EZ23A   Black  Reg: FM25308
                                        Ardrossan Neron
                 MCR Opinionated        MCR Blue Flag
        Bonanza’s Prince 2Y
                                        Commander II M045
                 ALM Suzie 050K
                                        Iten’s Jamie 13G
                                        Beau Aaron M390
                 Beau Lad
                                        Glen Innes M343
        EZ Twinkle 2T
                 Brambletye W332        Broken Arrow Panmure
                                        Brambletye Q116
        Pilot is an extremely well bred son of the 2012 American Royal Grand Champion Prince 2Y  and
        out of a great Beau Lad daughter. He had a tremendous 6.36% IMF for marbling ultrasound and
        a 154% IMF ratio as well as a 14.5 ribeye area and a .19 backfat. His fi rst calves look great!  EZ Pilot 23A
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