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          Hetletved Quarter Horses Welcomes You to the Ranch !
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                                                    Rolling hills. Blue skies. Dakota “peaceful.” To many, this is the defi nition of the
                                                    American Cowboy’s Heritage. To Hetletved Quarter Horses, this is simply home –
                                                    where we are blessed to be able to offer you over 50 years of horse breeding. We
                                                    are offering a quality group of foals again this year. We welcome you to come take
                                                    a look and we thank you for your interest.

                                                    Where did this begin? It started in Big Sky Country where Bub and Nona Nunn saw
                                                    the necessity of good horses, capable of covering big country as well as performing
                                                    in the arena. Their program was accomplishing just that and then Nunns discovered
                                                    High Rolling Roany as a promising foal. High Rolling Roany proved to be a legend
                                                    in his own time. His progeny possess amazing maternal traits from rich milk to
                                                    being self-sustaining in the pasture. In addition, High Rolling Roany’s get offer size,
                                                    cow ability, disposition, sound structure and mind, a will to work and feet that will
                                                    put farriers out of business. Bub loved good horse fl esh – believing that without
                                                    hip, foot and bone, a saddle was wasted. He valued a hip that could drag calves
                                                    all day and still make good time and distance across the wide-open prairie. He
                                                    wanted black feet so that they could self-sustain in the rugged Montana terrain, and
                                                    he demanded a cannon bone that didn’t resemble a coyote’s leg. Through this part-
                                                    nership, a friendship was developed that we are thankful to have had. We tip our
                                                    hats to him this time of year when we remember his 2013 ride from these earthly

                                                    Gene and Jan are proud to continue on for another 20 years of this program. The
                                                    Hetletved Quarter Horse program offers the highest concentration of High Rolling
                                                    Roany with the largest band of High Rolling Roany daughters (owning 60%). We
                                                    are excited to see our planning and breeding come to fruition with a foal product
                                                    that makes us proud. These Roany descendants are known for their uniformity,
                                                    maternal traits and saddle-fi tting withers for covering big country with good foot
                                                    and bone.

                                                    The Hetletved Quarter Horse Ranch consists of a horse breeding and cattle opera-
                                                    tion located near Robinson, North Dakota. Gene and Jan run a cow-calf operation,
                                                    farm some acreage, and run the Dakota Hills Hideaway hunting lodge. Gene is the
                                                    strategist and pedigree man. Jan is the photographer of all of our foals. We enjoy
                                                    our horses and strive to make them nice to look at while they are being used. We
                                                    work cattle the old-fashioned way by dragging them to the fi re. Our horses are not
                                                    strangers to the chores that a ranch requires. It won’t matter if you are looking to
                                                    check those yearlings that refuse to stay in, or wanting to stretch that corner fence
                                                    that won’t stay tight; we have a horse bred to take care of you. Ranch, performance
                                                    or show, we invite you to take a look.

                                                    Gene and Jan have two sons – Lee and Clint. Lee is an agriculture education
                                                    teacher and Penny is the director of education – both in the fi eld of corrections. Lee
                                                    is also a USA Archery coach. Their daughters, Kinley and Hatley, are active in many
                                                    activities and are both national archers. We are sad to say that Lee and Penny no
                                                    longer own horses or are a part of the sale, but we are proud to watch their family
                                                    achievements in the world of archery.

                                                    Clint is the go-to man for mechanical expertise on the ranch. He trucks and ranches
                                                    with Gene and Jan. His wife, Lacey, is a loan offi cer at Capital Credit Union. Tucker
                                                    is his dad’s right-hand man who can quickly bring a smile to our faces as he ex-
              New Sale Locati  on! ! ! ! !          presses his love for tractors, cows and farming. Abbie Jo is the youngest and works
             Gene & Jan Hetletved Ranch
                                                    hard to be in the middle of the action. She can be found with her boots on, no
           1390 31st Ave SE • Robinson, ND 58478    matter the weather or the outfi t – all with a sparkle in her eye.
                     (3 mi. West and
                                                    Please bare with us as we make our transition to having our sale at the ranch. We
                 5.5 mi. North of Robinson)         truly appreciate your business and May God Bless You All!

                                                                    HQH Production Sale – August 20, 2017 – At the Ranch – 1 p.m. CDT
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