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             H                                                                       Reference Stallions

                                  High Rolling Luck y
                        C         1999 Red Roan Stallion      #3797264
          Foal oal
          Lots:                   Deceased
          1   22                       Roan Prairie     Cibecue Roan
          5   25   High Rolling Roany                   Tom’s Rosewood
                                                        High Reno Bar
          8   26                       Vanzi Reno Bar   Van Bar Chic
         14   31                                        MC’s Fireline
         16   35   Quintas Lucky       Yellow Joe Hancock  Forty Bucks Whim
         17                            Miss Moon Quinta  Silver Black
                                                        Kyd’s Moon Maid
        We lost High Rolling Lucky last winter. He will be missed.

        High Rolling Lucky was a 1999 stallion raised on our ranch who was a son of High Rolling Roany. He carried
        many of his sire’s characteristics wtih his strong build and large frame. His bottom side offers more crosses
        to Hancock and Silver King. Gene rodeoed on High Rolling Lucky’s dam, Quintas Lucky, along with full
        brothers and a full sister to her. His dam’s full brother qualifi ed and competed at the National High School
        Rodeo Finals in 1989 as a heading horse for Lee. A full sister to Quintas Lucky competed in the cutting
        event with Lee on board at the National High School Rodeo Finals in 1991.

        We’ve had a few Montana ranchers tell us that High Rolling Lucky’s get are really riding nice. They seem to
        just have the minds we’re wanting to offer and they are built to last.

        High Rolling Lucky’s pedigree represents: 50% High Rolling Roany, 13.28% Joe Hancock, 7.62% Peter
        McCue (an amazing 25 crosses!) and 6.25% Driftwood.

                                  High Drifti n Hancock

                        D         2002 Buckskin Stallion      #4209798
          Foal oal
            10                         War Concho       War Chief
            20     Frostys War Chief                    Brown Beulah
                                                        Frosty Joe
            29                         Frostena         Chilena
                                                        Roan Prairie
                                       High Rolling Roany
                   High Rolling Twister                 Vanzi Reno Bar
                                                        Blue Amigo Socks
                                       Chicks Baby Blue  Miss Chick Twist
        High Driftin Hancock has quickly become an important part of our program. His foals are exceptional. They
        come with big hips, good minds and beautiful color. His pedigree offers one of the highest concentrations
        of Driftwood and Hancock available. “Frosty” is a gentle, well-mannered, good-looking stallion with a keen
        head and soft eye. Under saddle, he is quick to learn and proves to have a good mind. He rides out well
        with natural cow ability and cat-like agility.
        Frosty’s pedigree represents: 12.5% High Rolling Roany, 15.63% Driftwood, 14.45% Joe Hancock, 5.08%
        Peter McCue, and 4.69% Three Bars.

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