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                                                                  8                                  2006 Dun Gelding
               Lot 8 • Sanbar
               Lot 8 • Sanbar                                              TARDYPRESCRIPTION

                                                                                                  {  Big Shot King
                                                                                 Big Shot San
                                                               San Padrino      {                  Miss San Bee
                                                                                 Prescriptions Nine
                                                                                                  {  Prescriptions Hank
                                                                                                   Miss Taffy
                                                                                                  {  RS Spanish Combo
                                                               JD Bar Candi     { Guilty As Sin    Log Cabin TNT
                                                                                 JD Bar Hon        Dee Gee Tardy
                                                                                                  {  Tacks Gypsy
                                                               SanBar is a faultlessly made gelding with a kind personality and is very broke. A solid
                                                               ranch using gelding, having worked all phases and will ride out alone and walk home.
                                                               On the trails he will cross water, bridges, logs with ease and is good with a slicker. A
                                                               real fancy horse to show in ranch horse competitions, has a collected lope and will
                                                               watch a cow. Has been headed, heeled and breakawayed on in the arena. Guaranteed
                                                               sound. Videos @
                                                                                         Turner Performance Horses • 406-381-2347

                                                                  9                              2009 Chestnut Gelding
               Lot 9
               Lot 9                                                       SR LITTLE CAT
                                                                                                  {  High Brow Hickory
                                                               Sophistocated Catt { High Brow Cat  Smart Little Kitty
                                                                                 Shania Cee        Peppys Boy 895
                                                                                                  {  Lynx Melody

                                                                                                  {  Doc O’Lena
                                                               Smart Miss Cross  { Smart Little Lena  Smart Peppy
                                                                                 Hickorys Miss Cross  Doc’s Hickory
                                                                                                  {  Lenas Child Rio
                                                               This is a very nice all-around horse. If you want to cut a cow or go for a trail ride, he
                                                               can do it.  Has had cutting horse training and it shows. Also, has worked for a living
                                                               and you won’t show him anything he hasn’t seen. Good to rope on outside and is
                                                               started heeling. Gentle every day.  Sound. No buck.
                                                                                                   Clay Paige • 806-679-5883

                                                                 10                                  2015 Gray Gelding
               Lot 10                                                      DNS CALICO KID
               Lot 10

                                                                                                  {  Doc’s Oak
                                                               Badlands Oak Bush { Millie N Docs Oak  Doc N Millie
                                                                                 Prairie Sender    Slick Sender
                                                                                                  {  Skip Prairie Sara

                                                                                                  {  Shootin Gray
                                                               Robin Butterup   { Shootin Sturgis  Krogs Robin
                                                                                 FCS Butterup Super  Docs Super Glo
                                                                                                  {  Benito Butter
                                                               This young horse is fi nally turning gray, but last fall I thought he was going to be a red
                                                               roan. So maybe we are undecided about his color, but he has been a favorite here on
                                                               the ranch. We calve in several pastures and then put each pair through the gate into
                                                               the next pasture. It is time consuming but it is a good job for young horses and your
                                                               cows sure learn to handle.
                                                                                  D&S Cattle Co. • Gary & Ginger DeCock • 406-342-5349

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