Page 16 - Sperry Quarter Horses Sale August 2017 Performance, Production, Invitational
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                                                                 18                                 2006 Sorrel Gelding
                Lot 18 • Red Dog                                           FRECKLES R WILD
                Lot 18 • Red Dog

                                                                                                  {  Doc O’Lena
                                                                                 Smart Little Lena
                                                               Wild Thing DNA   {                  Smart Peppy
                                                                                 Autumn Boon
                                                                                                  {  Dual Pep
                                                                                                   Royal Blue Boon
                                                                                                  {  Jewel’s Leo Bars
                                                               Freckles San Cutter  {  Freckles San Man  San Benito Belle
                                                                                  Sunshine Cutter  Docs Cutter
                                                                                                  {  Indiana Bandit
                                                               This gentle and easy-to-be-around horse has done breakaway roping and heeling. We
                                                               have branded on Red Dog and drug many calves to the fi re. The girls rope calves on
                                                               him and he is a big stopper. He is honest and has plenty of run.

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