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                Lot 29 • Dart                                              BADLANDS GRINGO DART
                                                                 29                                  2012 Gray Gelding
                Lot 29 • Dart

                                                                                                   Miss Silver Pistol
                                                               Gringo Pistolero  { Playgun        {  Freckles Playboy
                                                                                 Cajun Rey Dry
                                                                                                  {  Dry Doc
                                                                                                   Cajun Rey
                                                                                                  {  Sons Doc O Sugar
                                                               Nice Sugar Lady  {  Sons Sugar O Doc  My Crystal Charm
                                                                                  Nice Sara       {  Nice Feature
                                                                                                   High Jax Sara
                                                               This is a ranch-raised gelding. He has been ridden outside a lot. We have started
                                                               roping on him and he has a bright future. Dart is gentle and kind, and shows great
                                                               potential. He has gathered lots outside and is a real smooth mover.

                                                                 30                               2012 Palomino Gelding
                Lot 30 • MJ                                                BADLANDS CASH DEMAND
                Lot 30 • MJ

                                                                                                   Madonna Mia
                                                               Mia Dogface Cash { Mia Cash Too    {  Dash For Cash
                                                                                 Cheyennes Huwana  Arbeka Jet One
                                                                                                   The Cheyenne
                                                                                                  {  Reminic
                                                               Cutnrun Shine O Lena  {  ima Dandy Nic  Santana Hand
                                                                                  Leans Celeste   {  Docs Hi Lena
                                                                                                   Heavens Sweet Angel
                                                               Gentle 4-year-old palomino gelding bred with cow smarts and speed. For experienced riders. Willing
                                                               to please and needs a big job. Moves out easily. Has gathered cows, has been hauled to rodeos and
                                                               has lots of potential. He is a great horse for someone who is looking for a new project.
                                                                                                 Catie Loftsgard • 701-565-2045

                Lot 31                                                     DNS PALOMINO BOB
                Lot 31
                                                                 31                               2015 Palomino Gelding

                                                                                                   Doc N Millie
                                                               Badlands Oak Bush { Millie N Docs Oak  {  Doc’s Oak
                                                                                 Prairie Sender    Slick Sender
                                                                                                   Skip Prairie Sara
                                                                                                  {  Frenchmans Guy
                                                               French Sun Feathers  {  Romeo White Feathers  Time For Sharni
                                                                                  Jet N Frenchy   {  Jet N Go
                                                                                                   French Pancake
                                                               You will not fi nd a more agreeable young horse. He has liked people from the very
                                                               start. Both his parents were raised by the family, so all the names in his pedigree
                                                               should be familiar to everyone.
                                                                          D&S Cattle Co. • Gary & Ginger DeCock • 406-342-5349

                Lot 32 • Bob
                                                                 32                               2013 Red Roan Gelding
                Lot 32 • Bob                                               BADLANDS GUN EXPRESS

                                                               Gun Too          { Young Gun       {  Freckles Playboy
                                                                                                  {  Doc O’Lena
                                                                                                   San And Sun
                                                                                                  {  Mia Cash Too
                                                               Badlands Cash Waltz  {  Mia Dogface Cash  Cheyennes Huwana
                                                                                  Miss Prairie Comet  {  High Jax Prairie
                                                                                                   Comet Gray
                                                               I don’t know if you could put a bigger hip on a young horse. Bob is a good-minded,
                                                               gentle young horse. We have him riding well and he is ready to go on and do whatever
                                                               you like. No buck. A hard-to-fi nd young horse here. There won’t be many Gun colts
                                                               left either. Don’t miss out.   Jaden Huntley • 701-391-9587
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