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1      SP Playgun Sparkles

                                                                         2016 Gray Gelding           AQHA #5765623
                                                                                                    Genuine Doc
                                                                                   Shining Spark
                                                               Shiners Last                         Diamonds Sparkle
                                                                                                    Sonita’s Last
                                                                                   Sonitas Kindra   Li’l Miss Jo Bar
                                                                                   Our Playgun
                                                               Salida Play Dot                      Texas Truffl e
                                                                                                    Badger O Lena
                                                                                   Dreamin Lilly Gray  Dream Win
                                                               Spark, aka Mr. Sparkle, is so very special! We will be donating 50 percent of his sale
                                                               to the Montana High School Rodeo Association! We, here at Turner Performance
                                                               Horses, get so much joy in helping the youth, to those who want to learn and better
                                                               themselves both as individuals and horsemen. Please support and help us to give
            Special Donation!                                  back to the future of our industry. Spark would probably come in the house if you
                                                               let him. Very well made, with straight bone, good sized hoof, a big hip and hind leg.
           50% of his sale will be donated                     We have had a lot of success with the Shining Spark and Playgun bred horses, and
            to the Montana High School                         expect a big future for Spark. He has a quiet demeanor, very trainable and respectful.
                                                               He is easy to catch, stands tied, good with his feet, fl y sprays and grooms quietly.
                Rodeo Association!                             He will keep in the pasture with other horses and is just fi ne stalled alone. Spark will
                                                               lunge respectfully, join up, and is soft with his face. Having worked him around cattle,
                                                               he is already showing to have a lot of cow sense. We are proud to offer such a nice
                                                               colt for sale, and look forward to watching his success.
                                                                                Turner Performance Horses – 406-381-2347

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