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10       Moses

                                                                         2009 Gray Gelding                Draft-Cross
                                                               Moses is an 8-year-old dapple gray draft-cross gelding, standing 15.3 H and weighing
                                                               1,420 lbs. He is extremely gentle and big boned with a shapely build, turning heads
                                                               wherever he goes. He is broke to drive single and double, as well as skid timber.
                                                               Moses is soft in the bridle, neck reins well and moves off your leg. He lopes circles
                                                               with ease, backs nicely and walks out well on the trail. Easy to load, shoe and catch,
                                                               Moses is a gentleman. He spends six months of the year in the wilderness. In the
                                                               summer, he is used primarily as a kid’s horse on pack trips run for a children’s camp,
                                                               but has also pushed cattle. In the fall, Moses carries hunters 25 miles in and out of
                                                                         camp. You can pack anything on him including meat, lead a string and
                                                                         hobble Moses. Crossing logs, wading through rivers and navigating
                                                                         steep terrain covered in snow and ice are all part of his daily routine.
                                                                         Caring for riders from 10 years of age to 70, Moses is a trusted steed
                                                                         for all ages and riding ability – a been-there-done-that type of gelding.
                                                                         His sure-footedness, solid disposition and proper ground manners
                                                                         allow him to get along with novice to advanced riders.
                                                                                 Wolverine Creek Outfi tters – 307-654-8827

                                                                  11      BBAB Spooner

                                                                         2013 Bay Gelding            AQHA #5589892
                                                                                   Chicks Beduino
                                                               Bed Bath And Beyond                  A Classy Chick
                                                                                   Beat Your Pants Off  Six Fols
                                                                                                    Splashing Bunny
                                                                                                    Jet Deck
                                                                                   Louton Jet
                                                               Louton Silknsatin                    Loutonta
                                                                                   Classy Kachina   Classy Man Go
                                                                                                    Miss Squeeky Bar
                                                               Spooner is a big, pretty gray gelding that is well broke to ride. Spooner has been rid-
                                                               den outside as well as in the arena. He is soft in his face and sides, will lope collected
                                                               circles, and is gentle. Spooner is lightly patterned on the barrels and we have also
                                                               been tracking & roping the Heel-O-Matic with him. Spooner is gentle, good minded,
                                                               athletic and ready to go in any direction. For more information and video,
                                                               visit or call.
                                                                                        J & A Horse Ranch – 507-951-7880

        Videos on YouTube: League of Legends Invitational Horse Sale ideos on YouTube: League of Legends Invitational Horse Sale
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