Page 2 - Front-Pasture Female Sale - Registered & Commerical Red Angus Nov. 15, 2017
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Welcome to the fi rst annual Front Pasture Female sale. This sale has been years in the making and fea-
                  tures some of the best Red Angus breeders in the country. We are excited to have you here!
                  This is an opportunity to acquire elite Red Angus genetics. The Red Angus breed is the hottest breed
                  in the commercial cattle industry today. Red Angus cows have gained successful ranchers’ trust as a
                  complete package through fertility, fl eshing ability, good disposition, longevity and excellent overall
                  production. They produce feeder calves that earn premiums in the yard and on the rail through docility,
                  feed effi ciency, conversion and carcass merit.
                  The sale is packed with proven genetics from breed-infl uencing sires and dams. There are numerous
                  females topping the breed in multiple traits. Five separate females have 10 traits in the top 10% of the
                  breed! If that doesn’t say “Elite,” what does? And it doesn’t end with those fi ve, it’s a deep offering!
                  Not only are we selling registered females we are also offering fi ve lots of quality commercial females.
                  There will be spring-born weaned heifers, fall-born yearlings ready to breed, bred heifers calving spring
                  of 2018 and bred 3-year-old cows calving spring of 2018. We have something for everyone!
                  And if that was not enough to get you excited, we are offering a “Fantastic” opportunity to purchase
                  semen from the $100k Brown BLW Fantastic C5959 that sold in March 2017. This “Fantastic” young
                  calving-ease sire leads the breed with nine traits in the top 10% and fi ve of those are in the top 1%.
                  It is a great time to be in the cattle business working alongside some the best people in the world!
                  The Front Pasture Team

                                                             Judy Kay Ferguson
                        Benji, Lori, Blane                   (214) 536-6902
                        and Lauren White                     Kyley DeVoe
                        (580) 582-6313                       (940) 367-4708             Fred Shieldknight (806) 341-5971
                        Putnam, OK                           Justin, TX                 Quinten Shieldknight (806) 570-7932
                                                                                        Spearman, TX

                        Tony, Allison, Carson &              Tom Woodward
                        Henley Ballinger                     940-393-6316                       Mike Morrison
                        (817) 371-4520                       Decatur, TX                        (409) 658-4546
                        Morgan Mill, TX

                                                           Kim & Marsha Alexander
                                                           Justin & Tamara Alexander
                        Eddie Curtis                       (806) 777-7950
                        (409) 781-6799                     Roddy Alexander                       Jim & Jessica Yance
                        Silsbee, TX                        (325)236-5724                         (334) 726-7342
                                                           Roscoe, TX                            Columbia, Alabama

                                                             Truett Spruill                       Ken & Marja Bower
                                                             (254) 631-8381                       Lane Ladewig
                            (620) 285-5465                   Carbon, TX                           (940) 964-2317
                            Burdett, KS                                                           (940) 395-5909
                                                                                                  (214) 984 2190
                                                                                                  Forestburg, TX
                          Gary Mathiews
                          (940) 873-3250                    Rodney & Theresa Brown                 Don Ferrill
                          Michelle Mathiews                 (214) 534-3194                         (817) 247-9435
                          (254) 212-9172                    Saltillo, TX                           Fort Worth, TX
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