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Terms & Conditions
                                                                                Terms & Conditions
        HEALTH CERTIFICATES                    4) Donor Females                     reimbursed by the seller of the heifers
           Health certifi cates will be furnished on   a) A female which has been used   the difference between her purchase
           all animals going outside of Oklahoma   in an embryo transfer program    price and the salvage value you
           as soon as all required testing is     and sells open is not guaranteed   receive for her.
           complete. Some states require testing   to be a breeder after date of sale
                                                                                  OPTIONS & PRIVILEGES OF
           that may take several days to receive   unless by separate agreement   OPTIONS & PRIVILEGES OF
           the results before our veterinarian    between the Purchaser and seller.  RETURN OR ADJUSTMENT
                                                                                  RETURN OR ADJUSTMENT
           can complete the health certifi cate to                                   1. All claims for adjustment or refund
           send cattle to your state.              b) A female is not guaranteed to   must be made in writing either within
                                                  be a breeder after date of sale,   six month of the sale date or no later
        REGISTERED FEMALE BREEDING                when that female is to be used, or   than six months after the animal
        GUARANTEE                                 attempted to be used in an invitro   reaches 18 months of age with the
            1) Safe-in-calf females have been     fertilization (IVF) program or    exception of claims involving defects
           examined by a competent ultrasound     embryo transfer program, unless   or parentage.
           or palpation technician and are so     by separate agreement between
           guaranteed. All females that have      the Purchaser and seller.         2. If a female sold as “open” proves
           been diagnosed safe in calf, have      c) There is no guarantee as to    to be with calf, the Purchaser may
           a projected calving date or date       the suitability of any female for   return the animal to the ranch of the
           range printed in this catalog or in the   embryo transfer.               Seller prior to calving for a credit of
           sale day supplement. All projected                                       the full purchase price or for another
           due dates and embryo sexing are   COMMERCIAL FEMALE BREEDING             animal of equal value, whichever
                                             COMMERCIAL FEMALE BREEDING
           best estimates only and are not   GUARANTEE                              is acceptable to the Purchaser. It
           guaranteed. Please remember that    All bred Commercial Females sell safe   shall be the obligation of the Seller
           it is normal for females to give birth   in calf. They have been determined   to bear any expense incurred for
           throughout the two weeks either side   pregnant by a competent ultrasound   transportation.
           of their projected due date.        or palpation technician and are
                                                                                  RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS
                                               guaranteed to be pregnant for 30   RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS
           2) AI or pasture exposed females    days following the sale. It is common   The terms and conditions of sale shall
           have been exposed, but are not      for a small percentage of females to   constitute a contract between the
           guaranteed safe in calf. They are   lose a pregnancy between palpation   Purchasers and Sellers of each animal
           guaranteed to be breeders.          and calving. If you determine that   and shall be equally binding upon
                                               one of the commercial females is     both. Any subsequent sale or resale
           3) Open females have been examined   not pregnant prior to the 30 days   of an animal constitutes a separate
           and are guaranteed open and to be   then please call us and you will be   transaction.

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