Page 11 - Severance Diamond Charolais & Angus Production Sale – Feb. 2, 2018
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                                                           CHAROLAIS YEARLING BULLS

                                    E                 JLS Ranger 5099

                                                            Lot 21

                      JLS PO
               21     JLS POWER RANGER 3796 PLDWER RANGER 3796 PLD  I believe this bull may have set a Ranch Record with his weaning weight. So, who is he? His sire was
                                                               our top-selling and top-performance bull in our 2016 sale selling to the Helling Ranch for $20,000.
                                    REG. #:  M897106
                                                 H/P/S: POLLED
                      BIRTH DATE: 3/29/17
                                                               This will be his fi rst calf crop weaned and sold this year. As I watched the sire of this lot 21 bull being
                    JDJ ZETHUS A75       BHD ZEUS X3041        fed as a yearling, I knew shortly after weaning that fall of 2015 that the 5099 bull was seeming to grow
                                                               faster than any other bull in the pen. So, I made a phone call to Brett DeBruycker of Dutton, MT, owner
              JLS RANGER 5099           |JDJ MS SITTINGB Y623  of BHD Zeus X3041, and asked him to tell me about his bull. Brett told me that they also noticed a fast
                                         ACE PRIME UP 981 ET
                    JLS KATE 0766 PLD   |JLS NO DOUBT 766 PLD  rate of gain on the Zeus calves in the feedlot and he said it’s for real. He said they use the bull heavily
                    LT BRIDGER 1288 PLD  LT BRIDGER 9191 PLD   in their large family breeding program and to show that, there are 682 progeny currently registered at
              JLS DIAMOND 3796 PLD      |LT WILLOW 5223 PLD    AICA on the X3041 bull I found. Brett also said the daughters have plenty of milk and are their kind of
                                         EZ IRON MAN 2027 PLD
                    JLS PRODUCER 0795 PLD                      mama cows. I brought the 5099 bull as a calf at side of his mother back from southern Missouri when
                                        |JLS LADY ANDONIS 795 PLD
                                                               Utopia Genetics dispersed. He stood out to me down there. I also knew that his mother, the 0766
         BW WW  WR  YW  ADG   SC   CE  BW WW  YW   M  MCE  MTL  SC
                                                               cow, was a proven producer as her dam was the high-selling female in our 2010 female sale going to
         95  941  127  1568  3.9  39.0  3.4  1.1  46  77   5  2.8  28   1.1  Sandmeier Charolais and they sold the bull calf she was carrying for $10,000 that year in their sale.
                                                               That cow, 0766, also produced a herd sire for R Lazy B Charolais. So, what does this all prove? Well,
                                                               we all know that traits are hereditary in cattle. You can call it growth, gain ability, feedlot performance,
                                                               but it’s all the same – converting feed to red meat. Some cattle do it a lot faster than others. I believe
                                                               that Lot 21 has that ability and has the genetic power to pass that trait along to his progeny. I have
                                                               been breeding for gain for 43 years. It’s worth quite a little to a family like the DeBruyckers that feed
                                                               thousands of head in their feedlot a year. He is worth a look, that’s for sure!

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