Page 8 - Severance Diamond Charolais & Angus Production Sale – Feb. 2, 2018
P. 8

                                                                              JLS MILEST
                                                                      7 7     JLS MILESTONE 3980 PLDONE 3980 PLD
                                                                                           REG. #:  M897222
                                                                                                        H/P/S: POLLED
                                                                              BIRTH DATE: 2/5/17
                                                                                                DA PASSPORT 502 P ET
                                                                            WC BENELLI 2134 P ET
                                                                     WC MILESTONE 5223 P        |JWK CLARICE J139 ET
                                                                                                LT BLUE VALUE 7903 ET
                                                                            WC LADY BLUE 0506 P  |DS MISS FAB MACK P ET
                                                                            JLS CATTLE BUSINESS 598W PLD  EC IRON MAN 2027W
                                                                     JLS BUSINESS LADY 3980 PLD  |JLS PRIME BABE 598 PLD
                                                                                                GCR MIGHTY ADONIS J02 ET
                                                                            JLS NO DOUBT 980 PLD
                                                                                                |JLS PRIME WIND 580 PLD
                                                                BW WW  WR  YW  ADG   SC   CE  BW WW  YW   M  MCE  MTL  SC
                                                                91  679  92  1249  3.6   37  2.0  0.9  1   59  10  1.8  25   1.3
                                                               Lot 7 takes a hit in the 205-day weight and ratio because of his early birth date, but don’t hold that
                                                               against this great bull. He will do things right for you being a Milestone out of a daughter of our
                                                               performance sire, Cattle Business 598 Pld. He will add growth and power with eye appeal too!
                                Lot 7
                        R                                                     WC More Power 5248 is another exciting
                        E                                                     we bull we bought with Carstens Charolais.
                        N                                                     This $21,000 bull is sired by the proven calv-
                        C                                                     ing-ease leader, LT Rushmore 8060, and out of
                        E                                                     the dam of More Power who is a top-producing
                                                                              LT Blue Value daughter. We look forward to
                                                                              calving More Power this spring from cows and
                        S                                                     heifers. He was also a member of the 2016
                        I                                                     Denver Grand Champion Pen of Three.
                        E               WC More Power 5248

                                                            Lot 8
               8      JLS MORE PO                H/P/S: POLLED
                      JLS MORE POWER 3367 PLDWER 3367 PLD
                      BIRTH DATE: 3/6/17
                                    REG. #:  M897119
                                         LT RIO BRAVO 3181 P
                    LT RUSHMORE 8060 PLD
              WC MORE POWER 5248 P      |LT BRENDA’S EASE 3055PLD
                                         LT BLUE VALUE 7903 ET
                    WC BLUE LADY 117 P ET  |THREE TREES LADY 4010 ET
                    LT BRIDGER 9191 PLD  LT EASY BLEND 5125 PLD
              JLS BRIDGER 3367 PLD      |LT CAROL 4105 PLD
                                         HC LAREDO 110L
                    JLS LAREDO 367 PLD TW
                                        |JLS LADY AJ 966 POLLED  What a bull! This lot is thick made, deep ribbed and very complete in his makeup. He is full of herd
         BW WW  WR  YW  ADG   SC   CE  BW WW  YW   M  MCE  MTL  SC  sire material and will add a lot of performance and growth to his calves. His dam is a powerful, young,
         87 779 105 1307 3.3  34.5 6.9 -0.8 32  59  10 6.8  26  1.0  attractive cow.
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