Page 6 - Severance Diamond Charolais & Angus Production Sale – Feb. 2, 2018
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                        E                                                     WC Milestone 5223 was the high- selling
                        N                                                     bull in the Wright Charolais 2016 Bull sale at
                        C                                                     $125,000. We were part of an exciting group
                                                                              of Charolais breeders that purchased the bull.
                        E                                                     We will be getting a number of calves born
                                                                              this spring from Milestone. Early calving
                        S                                                     reports so far are really good with low birth
                        I                                                     weight and a classy look to the calves. Mile-
                                                                              stone set a record at Wright Charolais, not
                        R                                                     only for price, but also for a ribeye of 21.66.
                        E                WC Milestone 5223 P

                                                             Lot 1

                      JLS MILEST
               1 1    JLS MILESTONE 3903 PLDONE 3903 PLD
                                                 H/P/S: POLLED
                      BIRTH DATE: 2/26/17
                                    REG. #:  M897216
                    WC BENELLI 2134 P ET  DA PASSPORT 502 P ET
              WC MILESTONE 5223 P       |JWK CLARICE J139 ET
                                         LT BLUE VALUE 7903 ET
                    WC LADY BLUE 0506 P  |DS MISS FAB MACK P ET
                    LT BRIDGER 1288 PLD  LT BRIDGER 9191 PLD   Lot 1 is an eye appealing, performance son of the outstanding Milestone. He has all the qualities of a
              JLS DIAMOND 3903 PLD      |LT WILLOW 5223 PLD    true herd bull. Dam is a picture-perfect female from generations of outstanding females. Dam goes
                                         PLEASANTDAWN MARSHALL70P
                    JLS MARSHALL 0903 PLD                      back to a top-selling female from Hubert Charolais Ranch. If you’re serious about breeding outstand-
                                        |JLS TROPHY GIRL 903 PLD
                                                               ing registered Charolais cattle, please consider this bull as I believe the Milestone blood mated on the
         BW WW  WR  YW  ADG   SC   CE  BW WW  YW   M  MCE  MTL  SC  Ledger progeny will make some of the best Charolais cattle that walk.
         91 778 105 1388 3.8  37.0 2.4 1.2 36  60  11 3.0  29  1.0
                                                                              JLS MILESTONE 3262 PLDONE 3262 PLD
                                                                      2       JLS MILEST   REG. #:  M897217  H/P/S: POLLED
                                                                              BIRTH DATE: 2/20/17
                                                                                                DA PASSPORT 502 P ET
                                                                            WC BENELLI 2134 P ET  |JWK CLARICE J139 ET
                                                                     WC MILESTONE 5223 P        LT BLUE VALUE 7903 ET
                                                                            WC LADY BLUE 0506 P  |DS MISS FAB MACK P ET
                                                                            CML RAZR Y7         SPARROWS SANCHES 715T
                                                                     JLS RAZR 3827 PLD          |TARGET PLD GINNY 40P
                                                                                                HTA WHITEHOT 105A
                                                                            JLS WHITEHOT LADY 262PLD
                                                                                                |WC MILESTONE 5223 P
                                                                BW WW  WR  YW  ADG   SC   CE  BW WW  YW   M  MCE  MTL  SC
                                                                94  770  104  1284  3.2  34.0  0.1  2.7  38  67   7  3.9  26   1.1
                                                               When I see the ‘62’ number cow family, I think of long-bodied, exceptionally powerful cattle with good
                                                               tone of bone. You will like the growth and pounds of profi t this bull will add to his calf crop.

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