Page 2 - Broken Heart Ranch 40th Production Sale Red Angus & Quarter Horses – March 7, 2018
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Welcome to our 40th annual sale. Ralph and Helen purchased their fi rst
                                                               Red Angus female in 1961. They began selling bulls through private
                                                               treaty and at the local auction market in Timber Lake for many years
                                                               prior before they had their fi rst offi cial cataloged sale forty years ago.
                                                               We have enjoyed producing Registered Red Angus all our lives and
                                                               have met many producers and have made some lifelong friends. We are
                                                               very proud of that fact that our genetics have played a role in commer-
                                                               cial programs that are recognized for top selling replacement quality
                                                               females and steers that push the scales to the limit. Your success is
                                                               what drives us to select and produce cattle that are exceeding industry
                                                               The Red Angus breed just keeps growing in popularity and doesn’t
                                              The Pederson Family   show any indication of slowing any time soon. Heifers are out selling
                                                               their steer mates and more and more breed associations are using red
                                                               females for their crossbreeding selections. With the advancement of
                                                               technology there are numerous tools to help with herd bull selection.
                                                               Feel free to visit us anytime and we can use our decades of experience
                                                               to answer questions that will assist you in fi ne tuning your herd.
                                                               Our philosophy hasn’t changed about raising cattle. “Staying con-
                                          Gary and Sue and Bricelyn
                                                               sistent” and selecting for a balanced set of traits. We simply focus
                                                               on females that are feminine, highly maternal, with outstanding feet
                                                                and leg structure, with level udders. We strive to have these qualities
                                                                along with cattle that are deep sided, long bodied and plenty of muscle
                                                               wrapped up in a quiet and easy to handle package.
                                                               The bulls and replacement heifers were weaned in mid-September and
                                                               the bulls will be carcass ultrasounded in late February. A supplement
                                                               sheet will be available on our website ( and our
                                                               Facebook Page (Broken Heart Ranch). Videos will also be available on
                                                               our website and Facebook page.

                                                               Oahe Vet will be our sale day vet and we plan on having the commercial
                                                               heifers palpated and the bulls evaluated by them also. We will not have
         Chad, Lisa and Bricelyn
                                                               them semen tested due to their young age but we do stand behind
                                                               them when that time arrives prior to breeding. We always stand behind
                                                               our cattle except during the heart of lush green grass season while
                                                               wearing church clothes.

                                                               We would like to thank our hired man, Tim Johnson for his help
                                                               through the past years. Tim is a valuable asset to our operation and we
                                                               couldn’t get everything done without him. Nathan Swift has also been
                                                               part of our crew part time throughout the year. Logan Pederson (Gary
                                                               and Sue’s grandson) has also helped us out during the summer months
                                                               and he too is an asset in tackling the summer workload.

                                                               The Pederson Broken Heart Ranch crew
              Tim Johnson            Kim, Austin and Wyatt Olson  Gary and Sue, Chad, Lisa and Bricelyn
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