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                          Carol and Chuck Feddes                         Craig and Taryn DeBoer, Traig, Cayl and Trac

           Welcome to our 2018 production sale!

           Welcome to Feddes/C-T Red Angus annual sale. We fi rst of all want to express our deep appreciation to all of
           our friends and customers for your support of our program. We are very blessed to be a part of the Red Angus
           breed. Superior Livestock’s video auction has documented information that shows Red Angus infl uence steers
           outsell any other breed, and females will top the market consistently.
           If this is the fi rst time you have looked into our catalog, here is a little about our program. We are a family-owned
           and operated business with roots in the Red Angus breed going back over 26 years. We currently calve nearly
           400 Red Angus females and use extensive AI and ET programs. Our cows run under range conditions that vary
           from lower valley meadows to higher mountain pastures up to 8,000 ft. We run our cattle with very limited hired
           help and believe that we can’t represent our cattle accurately unless we manage the cattle we are marketing. We
           concentrate heavily on the maternal side because we believe that you need to start with a strong herd of mother

           If you want steers that top the market or replacement females that command top dollar, you better take a look
           at Red Angus. Red Angus Association of America has recently become a partner of Top Dollar Angus where
           producers of high-value Red Angus and Angus cattle can Top Dollar premiums. We have a Top Dollar Angus
           symbol on each of the bulls whose progeny are potentially eligible for premiums.
           We are using the most advanced technology, including DNA testing, carcass ultrasound, and a strict culling
           program to bring you the best genetics. Every profi table ranch starts with the cowherd that works in their
           environment. We put tremendous selection pressure on our cowherd to bring you a genetic package that is
           balanced and consistent. We breed for “BALANCED TRAIT SELECTION,” and don’t chase fads.

           Videos are available through the links on our websites, and

           We are very blessed to be able to do what we love, enjoying and caring for our cattle, and being good stewards
           for what our Lord has entrusted to us. And we are blessed to have so many friends in the cattle industry.

           Once again, we are busy being involved with our kids and grandkids. We see a lot of ball games, baseball,
           basketball, volleyball, 4-H events and are also involved in many church activities. Did I mention hunting?

           Above all we want to Thank our Lord and Savior Jesus for his indescribable gift.

                          Blessings from the Feddes and DeBoer Families

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