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                                                               lots in this catalog!
        We believe in providing our customers with the most accurate
        information possible. DNA profi ling has advanced to the point
        that when added to a bull’s pedigree and his own, individual data,
        the reliability of his EPDs increases signifi cantly. Th  erefore, to bet-
        ter serve our customers, all of the bulls in the sale have genomic-
        enhanced EPDs through DNA 50K testing.                          BULL MORTALITY AND
                                                                      INFERTILITY INSURANCE
        Th  e table below shows the estimated number of progeny the DNA
        information adds to the reliability of the EPDs. For the growth
        and carcass traits, the higher reliability is equivalent to almost a   Feddes/C-T will pay ½ of any insurance policy purchased with
        complete calf crop of steer calves. For a maternal trait like Stay-  Novich Insurance Agency (Tyler Holland), on purchased bulls.  If
        ability, it’s equivalent to getting information on at least three to   you choose not to insure your purchases, Feddes/C-T will provide
        four heifer calf-crops.
                                                               a 50% credit of the purchase price of any bull that dies or gets
                                                               injured during the fi rst breeding season. Th  is credit can be used in
        Th  e genomic-enhanced EPDs are made possible through a   our next bull sale.
        partnership between the Red Angus Association of America and
        GeneSeek. Bottom line: we’ve made the investment so you can   For more information, see page 16.
        buy bulls from Feddes/C-T Red Angus with the highest possible
        confi dence.

                    CED   BW   WW    YW   MILK  STAY  MB  REA
         EST. PROGENY:  12  9   11    7    9    30   7    5

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