Page 2 - Heart River Ranch/Open A Angus Production Sale Black & Red Angus – March 14, 2018
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        Quality Genetics Built on a Heritage of Commitment

        Dear Friends,

        Welcome to our12th annual joint production bull sale. 2017 left many challenges for a lot of people in the ag
        sector in a large part of the country. Mother Nature has a way of providing a reality check to the best laid plans
        of man by identifying where weakest the links lie. All of the EPDS and indices of selection programs become
        pale in the face of fi re, drought and blizzards. This brought to mind the almost oxymoronic term used in beef
        production – convenience traits – as if it is convenient that one would consider things like feet and legs, udder
        structure, disposition, mothering ability etc. only after perusing the most recently popular EPDs or combinations
        thereof. Convenience traits in reality should be foundation traits and traits of necessity without which you don’t
        even get to consider secondary selections schemes. Years like this remind us who is in charge and require one
        to focus on the elements of selection that promote stayability, if not survivability.

        Our environment has required our programs to focus on sorting for retention those cattle which effectively
        produce beef without supplementation or providing exceptions. We hope the result meets your expectations.

        We acknowledge, more than ever, the many customers over the years that have chosen to use our genetics.
        More so, we value the relationships that have resulted from this association. We have the opportunity to provide
        genetics to the best customers a business could have.

        Additional information will be posted on these bulls at and www.heartrivergenetics.
        com as it is collected such as carcass ultrasound data, videos and PF50 data that was not available at press
        time. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on the bulls or their dams. The bulls are available for
        inspection at the development lot 4 miles south of Belfi eld on highway 85 and then ½ mile west on 40th St SW.
        We welcome your visit at any time.

        We have a casual program scheduled for the evening of March 13th at the sale barn as an appreciation to our
        customers over the years. Ken Howie will present a short trailer to his upcoming documentary entitled “Feek’s
        Vision.” We will also hear from residents at Home On The Range and we have a social and prime rib dinner that
        evening. Come early, inspect the bulls and have an enjoyable meal and evening. We appreciate your friendship
        and interest in our programs.

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