Page 10 - Red Hill Farms Black and Red Angus and SimGenetics Bulls – March 17, 2018
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At Zoetis, we’re focused on animal health and wellness for the
           entire cattle industry. Some of our powerful products and programs

              ƒ  HD-50K Genetic Testing – Now for Red and Black Angus.
              ƒ  Bovi-Shield™ GOLD®
              ƒ  DRAXXIN®
              ƒ  DECTOMAX®
              ƒ  SelectVAC® - the U.S. premier vaccination program for
                 beef calves which incorporates the industry’s leading
                 vaccines and dewormers to provide flexible, successful
                 SUH conditioning health solutions for our customers’ needs.

          Zoetis works with livestock producers to enhance the health of
          cattle,  and as partners with producers and meat retailers in ensuring
          the safety, quality and productivity of the world’s food supply.

          Take advantage today of the power, safety and efficacy of Zoetis
          products to boost the health and demand for your calves.

          Questions, call %DUU\ 0DXSLQ DW

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