Page 9 - Red Hill Farms Black and Red Angus and SimGenetics Bulls – March 17, 2018
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Sale Information                             Red Hill Farms – 2018
                  Red Hill Cooperators/Partners

        COYOTE HILLS FARM (CCCH)  –  Coyote Hills is owned by the Dal Clark Family, Scottsville,
          KY. The Clark family has been in the Red Angus business since 2006. The Coyote Hills
          cattle are heavily infl uenced by Buffalo Creek and Red Hill genetics.

        BUFFALO CREEK RED ANGUS (BUF)  –  The name Buffalo Creek is forever synonymous with
          quality Red Angus cattle. After the Buffalo Creek dispersal, Gini Chase asked if we would
          manage some of her personal cows. We were excited she would send these cows to
          Red Hill. We enjoy working with Gini, as it is always good to get wisdom from a master
          breeder. Jack and Gini have been great supporters of our program, and we are honored
          to have these cows at Red Hill.

        SOUTH FORK FARMS / 5 STAR CATTLE (SFORK AND 5STAR)  –  David Billingsley runs a
          75-cow herd on 250 acres in Barren County, KY. The 107-acre homestead has been
          operated by David’s family since 1945. David is a charter member of the Barren County
          Cattlemen’s Association, and he is a member of the Barren Beef Group.

        ROGERS CATTLE COMPANY (RCC)  –  Rogers Cattle Company, LLC started in 2001 as a di-
          versifi ed pasture-based livestock operation and is owned by Johnny and Sharon Rogers.
          Their herd consists primarily of fall calving Red Angus cows which are mated to Red
          Angus bulls. There is also a select group of Black Angus and commercial cows. Recently
          they have A.I. bred some of their cows to Simmental bulls. Johnny and Sharon strive to
          produce cattle that thrive on intensively grazed fescue based pastures, as well as have
          great maternal ability, grow well and have excellent carcass merit.

        HARDROCK BEEF CATTLE (HBC)  –  Hardrock Beef Cattle was started by Ronnie and Donna
          Holman on the family farm in the western piedmont of North Carolina. Both Ronnie’s
          father and son are integral participants in the cattle management. Today the herd is
          comprised of Red Angus and red SimAngus cattle. Hardrock Beef Cattle shares a similar
          breeding philosophy to Red Hill Farms and have purchased all of their bulls from Red Hill
          since 2008. Hardrock Beef Cattle operates on a Kentucky 31 based forage system.

        GERKIN FARMS (GER)  –  The Lee Gerkin Family from Orleans, Indiana, are long-time
          customers and family friends. The Gerkins are partners on a few cows at Red Hill, and
          we appreciate the opportunity to be associated with such good farmers and agricultural

        ROCKHILL RANCH (RHR)  –  Mr. Rickey Nicholas and Family of Rockhill Ranch in Pur-
          vis, Mississippi, purchased some heifers and cows at Red Hill in 2015 and 2016. Those
          cows have remained at Red Hill on a partnership basis.

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