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67         EZ Quonset 106Z                                 Halfblood Bull                                          Halfblood Brothers

    Black  Tattoo: EZ106Z ALR#: MM22621 BD: 4/11/12 BW: 60                                           Quartermaster, sire of Lot 67

    Consignor: Rising Sun Ranch

         Midshipman M206            [ Kaptain Planet K001
                                      Trangie C124
    Quartermaster Q117
         Brambletye Felicity J167   [ Trangie F026
                                      Trangie Y189

    EZ SA X Angus Dam               [

Here’s a big-bodied, long-sided halfblood by the Australian National Champion, Quartermaster,
out of a great producing cow. He’s ready to go to work on heavy service.

68 EZ Stanley 504Z                                            5/8 Bull
    Black  Tattoo: EZ504Z ALR#: MM22202 BD: 4/7/12 BW: 65

    Consignor: Rising Sun Ranch

         ALM Dakota Pride           [ Nevada N060
                                      Brambletye Morven L004
    EZ Sawyer 321S
         Miss Dakota Classic 008J   [ Bosun’s Mate

          EZ King 130K              [ Quartermaster Q117
    EZ Princess 119P                  Salers Cow

         EZ Miss Bosun’s Mate 917J  [ Bosun’s Mate
                                      Angus Cow

EZ Stanley 504X is a 5/8 Lowline Moderator whose pedigree is loaded with great Lowline herd          EZ Sawyer 321S, sire of Lot 68
bulls – Nevada, Dakota Pride, Bosun’s Mate and Quartermaster. He should really breed true and
moderate his calves with worlds of style.

           8 Half Brothers

           Consignor: Nick Wells

         Fairwyn’s Revenue Maker    [ Brambletye Transam
    SIRE: R.F. Wilber                 Fairwyn’s Lucinda

         EZ Pamela 9P               [ EZ Keno 046K
                                      Miss Panmure L362

69  Name Color                         Tattoo ALR# BD BW

    WWW Bronco 47B Black            WWW47B Pending 12/12/14 64
    Dam: About Time daughter

70 WWW Charlie 51C Black WWW51C Pending 4/11/15 54
           Dam: Gelbvieh Balancer by Good N Plenty by Big N Rich
71 WWW Carlos 53C Black WWW53C Pending 4/19/15 60                                                    R.F. Wilber, sire of Lots 69 – 76
          Dam: Traveler Angus
73  WWW Cooper 54C Black WWW54C Pending                    4/23/15  55                                                                  Half sister to Lots 69 – 76
    Dam: Gelbvieh Balancer by Good N Plenty by Big N Rich  4/25/15  51
    WWW Colby 55C Black WWW55C Pending
    Dam: Angus Stacker Cow Family

74 WWW Cody 56C Black WWW56C Pending 4/30/15 54
           Dam: 808 Gelbvieh Balancer by Titus
75 WWW Carter 57C Black WWW57C Pending 5/2/15
          Dam: 3/4 Angus Cow Traveler Family                        59

76 WWW Carson 58C Black WWW58C Pending 5/7/15                       56
           Dam: Gelbvieh Balancer by Titus
                                                                                                     2015 Junior National Champion
Here’s a set of 18- to 22-month-old registered halfblood Moderator bulls all sired by the great         Steer, sired by Wilber and
RF Wilber that Nick Wells bought from Riverwood Farms in the National Sale. This is a very                half brother to Lots 69 – 76
practical set of young bulls that should work well on commercial heifers or cows, and put some
easy-calving, easy-?eshing, low-cost calves on the ground.

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