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39 –                                               Commercial Lowline Heifers & Fullblood Bulls
           Commerical Halfblood Heifers

           Consignor: Rising Sun Ranch

           Selling 15 - 20 commercial Lowline crossbred heifers that
           are a multi-sire group of mostly halfblood to 3/4 blood
           Lowlines. They are bred to a halfblood and a 3/4 son of
           the Australian Champion, Yarra Ranges Jackaroo, who has
           sired so many American champions. These heifers will
           make moderate- to small-framed cows for lower main-
           tenace costs. They would also make excellent, ef?cient
           recips for a Lowline embryo transplant program!

                                                                                                       Lots 39-59

60 KBW El Toro Rojo                                     Fullblood Bull
    Red Tattoo: KBW24X ALR#: FM14777 BD: 11/6/10

Consignor: JC Ranch

     Goan Wandoo II                 [ Glen Innes N249
                                      Goan Wattle III
Murrumbong LGL Bluey
     Goan Black Opal                [ Trangie M377
                                      Trangie L109

      Admiral J222                  [ Trangie F249
ALM Bess 102H                         Trangie F037

     Brambletye Tara                [ Trangie E087
                                      Glen Innes E383

El Toro Rojo is a red direct son of ALM Bess 102H and the foundation red fullblood bull in             Murrumbong LGL Bluey, sire of Lot 60
America, Murrumbong LGL Bluey. He’s big enough to see heavy service but will never get too
big to breed all of your non-Lowline heifers. A great opportunity to buy a proven red fullblood
bull with a proven pedigree.

61 Tungsten Rocks                                       Fullblood Bull
    Black             Tattoo: JKR4A ALR#: FM21613 BD: 8/16/13 BW: 36

Consignor: James and Kathleen Ray

     EZ Houdini 22N                 [ Union Paci?c
                                      EZ Miss Molly Brown 66J
WMF Tungsten
     EZ Lady Jane 4L                [ Beau Lad
                                      Iten’s Jamie 13G

      BJC Rock Star 597R            [ BJC Jackson 020J
Miss Janessa 140R                     BJC Belle 097K

     SC Brittney 12J 140R           [ Tequila
                                      ALM Dot 12J

This very nice 3-year-old fullblood bull is ready to go to work and sire some outstanding calves.      Lot 61
He’s got superior bloodlines and would work great in a fullblood Lowline herd and maybe even
better yet on a set of non-Lowline heifers for calving ease and to leave an awesome set of
halfblood calves.

62         JH Mr. Beau 4C                               Fullblood Bull

    Black             Tattoo: JH4C  ALR#: FM27238 BD: 3/13/15

Consignor: Tummons Cattle

     Beau Lad                       [ Beau Aaron M390
                                      Glen Innes M343
Fairwyn’s Low Beau 204M
     Glen Innes J306                [ Trangie E088
                                      Glen Innes F403

      Yarra Ranges Jackaroo         [ Colombo Park Tannhauser
JH Pretty Girl 3A                     Monte Allegro Zelma

     EZ Cinderella 61U              [ Wanamara Findon Royale
                                      EZ Fantasia 20J

He’s one of the growthiest fullblood bulls at the National Show in Denver where he was a

member of the Grand Champion Fullblood Pen of Bulls. This Low Beau son is out of a full sister         2016 Grand Champion Pen of Fullblood Bulls, Lot 62 is the big one

to the National Champion Female, JH Lady. He’s a bona ?de “big league” herd sire for any

registered Lowline operation. With Low Beau on the top side and Jackaroo and Cinderella on

the bottom, this bull could go on to sire some of the truly best cattle in the breed!              10
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