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Moderator Females

26         High Hopes April               Bred 5/8 Female

    Black                  Tattoo: WB02A ALR#: MF20039 BD: 3/2/13

Consignor: JC Ranch

     BPF Mercedes Benz 131U               [ Cowan’s Ali 4M
                                            DCC Mercedes 701P
Bar J S400 Hybrid
     Bar J Nell 2M26-6S86                 [ Bar J Sparks 4P16
                                            Bar J Nell 7G2-2M26

      Colombo Park Zef?relli              [ Appertarra Randy
OVF Zef?reilli 02X                          Colombo Park Violetta

     QVF Utah AN105-03T                   [ Utah
                                            Angus Cow

April is a very attractive 62% Lowline Moderator 3-year-old with the style that matches her                               Lot 26
pedigree – Bar J Hybrid, Bar J Sparks and Utah have all consistantly sired sale toppers and
show winners. Here’s a sure bet. Bred to Spring Creek Ulysses FM7760.

27         Miss FJL Cedar                 3/4 Cow/ 5/8 HC                                          28 JKR Tara                                       Bred Purebred Female
                                                                                                                                        ALR#: PF23478 BD: 6/20/14 BW: 34
    Red/Black              Tattoo: FJL5A ALR#: MF19736 BD: 1/28/13                                 Black                 Tattoo: JKR2B
                                                                                                                                        [ Union Paci?c
Consignor: Jonathon Wilk                                                                           Consignor: James and Kathleen Ray      EZ Miss Molly Brown 66J

     Murrumbong LGL Bluey                 [ Goan Wandoo II                                              EZ Houdini 22N                  [ Beau Lad
                                            Goan Black Opal                                                                               Iten’s Jamie 13G
Lazy G Red Wave                                                                                    WMF Tungsten
     Lazy G Iris                          [ Goan Wandoo II                                              EZ Lady Jane 4L                 [ Admiral J222
                                            Murrumbong LGL Red Tulip                                                                      Brambletye Amanda II

      EZ Sabre 12S                        [ EZ Lexus 18L                                                 Heartland Bubba                [ BJC Jackson 020J
Miss FJL Aitia 24                           Brambletye Perfection W334                             Edna                                   Countess 03K

     FJL Santa Gertudis 13                [                                                             LF Janet Jackson

Lot 27A: 5/8 heifer calf, red gene carrier, WET Hopes Cedar MF29894, born 3/5/16 sired             The Ray’s have brought a sweet, smaller framed purebred heifer by the great Winner Maker
by Lambs Red Joe. Here is a very nice 3-year-old red 3/4 red Moderator whose dam is a great        Farms bull, Tungsten. Her pedigree is loaded with foundation Lowline genetics. She’s bred to
Sabre daughter that stems from a Santa Gertrudis base. She’s bred to DCS Carter MM27283, a         KBW The Boss FM24540.
red halfblood Branded Red son of a great Salers cow.

29         JKR Caroline                   Bred Purebred Female                                        The NDSU Dickinson Research Extension Center has done extensive
                                                                                                   research on calving ease using Lowline Bulls on ?rst-calf heifers and the
    Black                  Tattoo: JKR2C ALR#: PF26995 BD: 5/25/15 BW: 32                          performance of the resulting calves in the mainstream market. They then
                                                                                                   concentrated on studying halfblood Lowline females and found they show
Consignor: James and Kathleen Ray
                                                                                                     an increase of 37% in weaning weight per acre when using halfblood
     EZ Houdini 22N                       [ Union Paci?c                                            Lowline females bred to Red Angus bull. Here are some of their results:
                                            EZ Miss Molly Brown 66J
WMF Tungsten
     EZ Lady Jane 4L                      [ Beau Lad
                                            Iten’s Jamie 13G

      Two Rivers Two Timer                [ Fairwyn’s Machine
Two Timing Carol                            WL Jan 31H

     Edna                                 [ Heartland Bubba
                                            LF Janet Jackson

Caroline is a yearling bred 31/32 purebred Lowline heifer by the outstanding Tungsten bull
whose dam is the Beau Lad daugher EZ Lady Jane. Her dam is a maternal sister to the Lot 28.
She’s bred to KBW The Boss FM24540.

30 KS Daisy                                            Bred Purebred Female
    Black                  Tattoo: KS01B  ALR#: PF22372 BD: 2/10/14

Consignor: Square S Ranch                 [ Colombo Park Zef?relli
                                            Miss Jet”s Brenton 267K
     Double J’s The Brick 281
                                          [ Vitulus Yes Yes Yes
KBW Achilles                                Bar J Miracle 7G9 2M42
     Miss Double J 22T
                                          [ Texas
      JJD Joshua                            2JL 1N
FLD Jasmine
                                          [ DCH Navarro 23N
     JJD Miss Jaclyn                        TA Dane H

Daisy is a nice young purebred daughter of KBW Achilles, the Brick son of a full sister to the
2008 National Champion, Yes I’m Classy. She is bred to the Findon’s Monarchy son, KBW
Odysseus FM24541.

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