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63 DDF Joe                                                         Fullblood Bull
       Black                 Tattoo: DDFB06  ALR#: FM24102 BD: 6/21/14

    Consignor: Terry Garvin                  [ Sharidon’s Eros
                                               BCR Luke’s Flo 9T01
         Sharidon’s Grant
                                             [ Ardrossan Jamberoo
    Dannie                                     Ms Rocking Brenton 253K
         Sharidon’s Grace
                                             [ Transam
      Fairwyn’s Torrey 701T                    Fairwyn’s Lily
DLT Jade
                                             [ Bar J Nautilus 703 0K16
     Douible D Sagebrush                       Bar J Teri 7G12 1L25

PDF Joe is a 2-year-old fullblood ready to go to work. His bloodlines come from three of the        Lot 63
well-established fullblood herds in America – Sharidon, Fairwyn and Bar J. He’s long bodied         Lot 64
and deep made.                                                                                      Lot 65
                                                                                                    Lot 66
64            Lambs Old Joe                                     Purebred Bull

       Black                 Tattoo: OU7Z    ALR#: PM27435 BD: 4/13/12 BW: 41

    Consignor: Terry Garvin

         Colombo Park Zef?relli              [ Appertarra Randy
                                               Colomobo Park Violetta
    JJ Taos
         BR Winnie the Moo 3K                [ Commander II M045
                                               BR Mini Mouse 002H

      LTL Telluride                          [ Eliza Park Brenton
RL Tellu Miss Bramb                            BR Mini Mouse 002H

     LCM BJ’s Cassie                         [ BlackJack
                                               EZ Miss Clout 306M

Here’s the purebred 4-year-old JJ Taos son out of the Telluride daughter who goes back to one
of the real great Clout daughters in the breed. He’s a purebred but be prepared for all the hybrid
vigor and explosive growth that he puts in his calves. They are keeping all of his daughters so
this gentle bull has to go.

65            TCS Mr. Beau 11C                                  Halfblood Bull

       Black                 Tattoo: TCS11C ALR#: MM27234 BD: 5/2/15

    Consignor: Tummons Cattle

         Beau Lad                            [ Beau Aaron M390
                                               Glen Innes M343
    Fairwyn’s Low Beau 204M
         Glen Innes J306                     [ Trangie E088
                                               Glen Innes F403

      OCC Anchor 771A Angus                  DHD Traveler 6807 Angus
                                             OCC Juanda 709V Angus
[TC Miss Anchor 5A Angus
       [Jauer Durabull 9075 417 Angus Papa Durabull 9805
                                             Jauer 6807 Traveler 417-1014

Here’s a halfblood Low Beau son of a very, very well-bred Angus cow, rich in the most moder-
ate, easy ?eshing, well-muscled Angus bloodlines in the Angus breed.

66 Doll House Gunslinger 223Z
                                                                       Halfblood Bull
       Black                 Tattoo: LCC223Z ALR#: XM16372 BD: 2/23/12 BW: 67

    Consignor: Rising Sun Ranch

         BPF Mercedes Benz 131U              [ Cowan’s Ali 4M
                                               DCC Mercedes 701P
    Bar J Cowboy Up X52
         Bar J Nell 2M26-6S86                [ Bar J Sparks 4P16
                                               Bar J Nell 7G2-2M26

      Fairwyn’s Low Beau                     [ Beau Lad
TCS She’s A Honey 15X                          Glen Innes J306

     AN X SP Dam 1S                          [

Gunslinger was the Supreme Champion Lowline in Louisville in the fall of 2012. He’s a double
halfblood Lowline Moderator bull by Cowboy Up out of one of the very best daughters of Fair-
wyn’s Low Beau, She’s a Honey 15X. He will power up your Moderator breeding program.

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