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Fullblood Females

1 Miss FJL Mathilda 13
                                                Fullblood Cow/Halfblood Heifer Calf
Black                Tattoo: FJL26Y ALR#: FF15959 BD: 9/17/11

Consignor: JC Ranch

     LTL Dillon                    [ Nevada N060
                                     Bar J Nellie 7G1
LTL Peyton
     Miss Jet’s Raphael 258K       [ Duneira Raphael
                                     Duneira Rachel

      EZ Houdini 22N               [ Union Paci?c
EZ Tillie 78T                        EZ Miss Molly Brown 66J

     Miss Panmure L361             [ Broken Arrow Panmure
                                     Brambletye Mistletoe III

Lot 1A: Halfblood heifer calf born 4/21/16, sired by JCR Angus bull Master Chief, BW: 67#.              Lot 1A
Here’s a long-sided, attractive calf raiser with a fantastic heifer calf at side. She’s got a great     Lot 2
pedigree and is bred back to the great Zef?relli son, Ausmerica Xtreme FM12328.                         Lot 3
                                                                                                        Lot 4
2 FCC Echo II                                   Bred Fullblood Female
    Black            Tattoo: RZ1A  ALR#: FF20249 BD: 2/20/13
Consignor: JC Ranch
                                   [ Buzz
     SC Baxter T7                    Brambletye Willow

Bar J Beauford 9W12                [ Bar J Agave P54
     Bar J Nell 4P13-7T41            Bar J Nell 0K9-4P13

      Ardrossan Neron              [ Broken Arrow Nero
RZ Neron’s Echo                      Adrossan Delvene

     Black Bottom Bethany          [ Millaroo Magnus
                                     Millaroo Blyth

Whoa baby! Check out this fantastic 3-year-old by Bar J Beauford, the sire of champions. She’s
got the look and some outstanding outcross genetics on her dam’s side. She should have a
great calf by Spring Creek Ulysses FM7760, the Artusi son of Colombo Park Alcina.

3 Miss Rockin Shadow 61A
                                                              Bred Fullblood Female
Black                Tattoo: JET61A ALR#: FF21230 BD: 3/17/13

Consignor: JC Ranch

     SC Baxter T7                  [ Buzz
                                     Brambletye Willow
Bar J Beauford 9W12
     Bar J Nell 4P13-7T41          [ Bar J Agave P54
                                     Bar J Nell 0K9-4P13

      Eliza Park Brenton           [ Brambletye Boson L006
Ms Jet’s Brenton 286K                Brambletye Suzannah GI J369

     Duneira Quartillah            [ Trangie J142
                                     Mugga Nerida

Another spectacular Bar J Beauford daughter and there won’t be any more of them made – the
bull is dead and no semen commerically available. She’s a straight-topped, attractive 3-year-old
who is long bodied, smooth shouldered and well balanced. She is bred to Spring Creek Ulysses

4 GRR Sandy                                     Bred Fullblood Female
    Black            Tattoo: U84   ALR#: FF9368 BD: 12/1/08
Consignor: JC Ranch
                                   [ Glen Innes N249
     Goan Wandoo II                  Goan Wattle III

Murrumbong LGL Bluey               [ Trangie M377
     Goan Black Opal                 Trangie L109

      LTL Dillon                   [ Nevada N060
LTL Keota                            Bar J Nellie 7G1

     BCR Miss Florence MG21        [ ALM Anvil 10J

Here’s a powerful, deep-sided Bluey daughter out of a daughter of the National Champion LTL
Dillon. She’s big bodied and beefy, and carries the red gene. To top it all off, she is bred to the
red fullblood, Red Rewind FM22516. Expect good things from this potentially red calf.

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