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Fullblood Females

5 High Hopes Angel Eyes                                                                            6 FER Pai Lee                                          Bred Fullblood Female
                                                              Bred Fullblood Female                                                          ALR#: FF17925 BD: 4/4/12 BW: 47
Black                      Tattoo: ABAWBA5 ALR#: FF20348 BD: 5/1/13                                Black                      Tattoo: FER4Z
                                                                                                                                             [ Brambletye Commodore III
Consignor: JC Ranch                                                                                Consignor: Square S Ranch                   Trangie K058

     Beau Lad                             [ Beau Aaron M390                                             Ardrossan Richmond                   [ Kotinga Rocky
                                            Glen Innes M343                                                                                    Kotinga Ginger
MCR Standing Bear                                                                                  Alta Avenger BIL 9U
     Brambletye Trangi Girl               [ Quarterdeck Q118                                            Alta Tasha BIL 9K                    [ Athanlee Herman
                                            Glen Innes J306                                                                                    Brambletye Tara IV

      Spring Creek Ulysses                [ Monte Allegro Artusi                                         Union Paci?c                        [ Quartermaster Q117
Spring Creek Xindi                          Colombo Park Alcina                                    LTL Paoli                                   EZ Olivia 15G

     Elandra Park Bindi                   [ Elandra Park Yodgee                                         TNT Bugaboo
                                            Elandra Park Xotic

This 3-year-old daughter of Muddy Creek’s Standing Bear (sire of the top sire group in their       Pai Lee is a LTL Paoli daughter by the great Richmond son Atla Avenger. Her dam is a rare
feedlot trial) has powerful carcass genetics and exceptional performance genetics. She is bred     fullblood Union Paci?c daughter out of a great cow family that traces to Lisbon’s dam, EZ Olivia
to Spring Creek Ulysses FM7760.                                                                    15G, the 15th Lowline calf born in America. She is bred to KBW Odysseus FM24541.

7 8X                                                   Bred Fullblood Female
Black                      Tattoo: RBL8X  ALR#: FF18726 BD: 9/9/12 BW: 38

Consignor: Square S Ranch                 [ Ardrossan Findon
                                            Kimbolton Daphne
     Wanamara Findon Royale
                                          [ Beau Lad
MCR Findon’s Monarchy                       EZ Fantasia 20J
     EZ Tinkerbell 27L
                                          [ Santa Fe Maximillion
      Vitulus Yes Yes Yes                   Wyzenbeef Lady Waratah
Miss Double J 54T
                                          [ Eliza Park Brenton
     Miss Jet’s Brenton 268K                Burra Opal

Here’s a young Monarchy daughter out of a Double J-bred Yes Yes Yes daughter who was a half               MCR Findon’s Monarchy, Sire of Lot 7
sister to the 2008 National Champion Female. She is bred to KBW Odysseus FM24541.

8 RF Cover Girl                           Bred Fullblood Female
Black                      Tattoo: RF017Z ALR#: FF17431 BD: 2/28/12 BW: 42

Consignor: Square S Ranch

     PX Baxter                            [ Greg MLP 3G
WMF Under Cover
     EZ Lady Jane 4L                      [ Beau Lad
                                            Iten’s Jamie 13G

      Beau Lad                            [ Beau Aaron M390
Riverwood Golden Lady                       Glen Innes M343

     7L151 Goldilocks                     [ Admiral J222
                                            Brambletye Madame C208

RF Cover Girl is a great looking Under Cover daughter of an own daughter of Beau Lad. This                WMF Under Cover, Sire of Lot 8
extremely well bred, linebred young female has some of the breed’s top cow families stacked                MRG Rusty 16X, Sire of Lot 9
in her pedigree ... Deb, EZ Lady Jane, Goldilocks and the #1 foundation cow in the Australian
herdbood, Brambletye Madame C208. She is bred to KBW Odysseus FM24541.

9 Alta Serenity BIL 23Z
                                                              Bred Fullblood Female
Black                      Tattoo: BIL23Z ALR#: FF18607 BD: 4/25/12

Consignor: Square S Ranch

     Yarra Ranges Jackaroo                [ Colombo Park Tannhauser
                                            Monte Allegro Zelma
MRG Rusty 16X
     SC Victoria S11 12J                  [ ALM Wrangler 44H
                                            ALM Dot 12J

      GTL Mr. Muscle U03                  [ Avonsleigh Julius
BM Xcuse 23X                                Kimbolton Harmony

     BM 1G Missy                          [ Navigator
                                            Glen Innes E315

Here’s an own daughter of the $27,000 MRG Rusty 16X out of the Mr. Muscle cow and bred
back to the Findon Royale son, KBW Odysseus FM24541. Very nice combination of genetics in
a good-looking, young cow.

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