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22         EAS Madonna W66                                                                                     Moderator Females
                                    Bred Halfblood Female
    Smokey                Tattoo: EASW66 ALR#: MF22613 BD: 3/6/09                                                                 Lot 22

    Consignor: JC Ranch                                                                                                           Duff Trust
         EZ Magnum 72J           [ Midshipman M206                                                                                service sire
                                   Mugga Marnie K L290
    EZ Baretta 43P                                                                                                                Lot 25
         Bronwyn LRL 80H         [ Admiral J222
                                   Brambletye Bronwyn II

    EAS Char Dam U/N             [

Whether you are in the show calf business or the beef business, this super stout-made,
moderate-framed cow is a sure donor prospect. She’s got the power and the look. Her sire is
by Magnum, sire of a National Champion and a Reserve National Champion. To top it off, she’s
bred to the Australian-bred Ausmerica Xtreme, the great son of Zef?relli.

23         EAS Talisa 209A          Bred Halfblood Female

    Smokey                Tattoo: EAS209A ALR#: MF23078 BD: 10/20/13                                   Lot 23
                                                                                                       Lot 24
    Consignor: JC Ranch

         BPF Mercedes Benz 131U  [ Cowan’s Ali 4M
                                   DCC Mercedes 701P
    Bar J Cowboy Up X52
         Bar J Nell 2M26-6S86    [ Bar J Sparks 4P16
                                   Bar J Nell 7G2-2M26

          EZ Beretta 43P         [ EZ Magnum 72J
    EAS Char Gray W115             Brownwyn LRL 80H

         EAS CH Dam R115         [

Talisa is a beautiful young halfblood female by one of the breed’s great halfblood breeding bulls,
Bar J Cowboy Up. She’s carrying an embryo by Duff’s Trust Me x Madonna (Lot 22). That’ll

24     EZ Maisy 176A
                                                      Bred Halfblood Female
    BWF Tattoo: EZ176A ALR#: MF21599 BD: 5/6/13 BW: 68

    Consignor: JC Ranch

         Murrumbong LGL Bluey    [ Goan Wandoo II
                                   Goan Black Opal
    Marco 9W
         Bar J Miracle 7G9 2M42  [ Bar J Ponderosa 0K13
                                   Bar J Miracle 7G9

    EZ M14 Ang X Hereford        [

Check out this beautiful black baldy. EZ Maisy is just a 3-year-old and is AI bred to Duff Trust
Me. She could be carrying the red gene.

25         OJ Nancy Z39             Bred 3/4 Female

    Black                 Tattoo: OJZ39 ALR#: MF18660 BD: 5/13/12

    Consignor: JC Ranch

         Little Joe 305R         [ Bonanza’s Brenton 02L
                                   Bonanza’s Sara 200M
    EZ Champ 34T
         EZ Maggie 33P           [ EZ Magnum 72J
                                   EZ Miss Panmure L357

          Bar J Redbone 01P      [ Bar J Brutus L150
    Bar J Nancy 11K                Bar J Babe M227

         Bar J Nancy 11K-U20     [ Bar J Nautilus 7G3
                                   Angus X Hereford Cow

Nancy is a stout-made, show-fronted 3/4 blood that is powerfully well built. This could be a
spectacular calf by Spring Creek Ulysses FM7760.

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