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Sale Infor
        Sale Informationmation
                 Annual Production Sale                           All animals sell to the highest bidder. Any disputes will be settled
                                                                  by the auctioneer and his decision will be fi nal.
        Tuesday, May 2, 2017                                   Mail and Phone Bids:

                                                                  Mail or phone bids will be handled in strict confi dence by us and
        1 p.m.  CDT • Napoleon Livestock Market • Napoleon, ND    we ask that they be in our hands in ample time prior to sale date.

                                                               Online Bidding:
        Sale Day Phone: 1-800-932-8821, 701-754-2216              The sale will be broadcast live on For information
                                                                  on how to register to bid online, see page 3.
        Lunch: Starting at 11:30 a.m. CDT
        Sale Order: Yearling Heifers start the sale,
               Yearling Bulls selling in catalog order         Terms:
                                                                  Terms of the sale are cash or check, payable immediately upon the
                                                                  conclusion of the sale and before animals are moved.
                                                               Purchases and Risk:
                                                                  We recommend purchasing insurance. A representative will be
                                                                  present sale day.
                                                                  Any errors or changes of information printed in this catalog will
                                                                  be announced from the auction block and such announcements
                                                                  shall take precedence.
                                                               Breeding Guarantee:
                                                                  All bulls in this sale are guaranteed to have passed a fertility ex-
                                                                  amination by our veterinarian. The buyer of each bull will receive
                  Roger Jacobs        Ray Erbele                  a certifi cate of such exam upon paying for the bull. We assume no
                                                                  liability, legal or otherwise, to make any further guarantee to the
                                                                  buyer. No other warranty is expressed or implied.
                                                                  All heifers will be ready to breed. We will preg check and evaluate
                                                                  the heifers so they will be guaranteed open.

                                                                  All persons who attend this sale do so at their own risk. Dahl
                                                                  Land & Cattle LLP and Napoleon Livestock Market assume no
          Kris Petersen     Kirby Goettsch     Scott Ressler      liability for any accidents that may occur. Neither do they assume
                                                                  any liability for loss or injury to livestock due to theft, mysterious
        Auctioneer:                                               disappearance, sickness, improper handling or Act of God.
           Roger Jacobs .............................406-373-6124 (home)  Herd Veterinarian:
                 Billings, MT .......................(406) 698-7686 (cell)     Ashley Vet Clinic
        If you cannot attend the sale and are interested in making a   Health:
        purchase, please contact our professional independent representative.     All cattle in this sale are in excellent condition and health. All
        Representatives:                                          females have been offi cially calfhood Bangs and Preg-Guard Gold
           Kirby Goettsch ............................ 605-380-3939 (cell)  10 vaccinated. All shots and treatments comply with the ND Beef
                                                                  Quality Assurance Program and Pfi zer’s Beef Friendly program.
                 Farm & Ranch Guide                               Where needed, health certifi cates will be furnished for shipment
           Scott Ressler ................................. 701-391-7310 (cell)  anywhere in the U.S. Sight Unseen Purchases are fully guaranteed
                 ND Stockmen’s Assn ......701-223-2522 (offi ce)   for soundness and quality.
           Kris Petersen .............................701-377-2345 (home)  Contract:
                 Cattle Business Weekly ......... 701-339-0305 (cell)     The above terms and guarantee constitute a contract between
                                                                  buyer and seller of each animal sold.
        Professional Independent Representative:
           Ray Erbele .................................... 701-226-7288 (cell)  Bull Delivery:
                 701-754-2216 (w), 701-424-3307 (home)            • Free delivery to neighboring states on bulls selling for $10,000
        Lodging:                                                    or more, or on volume purchases of four or more bulls.
        Napoleon, ND:                                             • $50 discount if you take your bull home sale day
           The Mozy Inn, 701-754-2420,            • If you cannot take your bull(s) home sale day we will feed him
           The Broken Bell Inn, 701-754-2242,  (them) for one week at our feedlot at no charge, buyer’s risk.
           House of 1904, Bed & Breakfast & other B & Bs, 701-754-2417  • If you cannot pick your bull(s) up there will be a $3/day feed
                                                                    charge per head.
           The Downtowner Hotel, 701-754-2260                     • We will cooperate with delivery wherever possible.
        Don’s Motel, Linton, ND  701-254-5457
        Wishek Inn, Wishek, ND 701-452-4223
                                                                 Catalog & Promotion by Cow Camp Promotions,
        Dahl Land & Cattle LLC Annual Production Sale                                                             1
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