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              South Devon Guide to EPDs                               Red Angus Guide to EPDs
          Courtesy of the North American South Devon Association    Courtesy of the Red Angus Association of America
           For more information on EPDs, visit     For more information on EPDs, visit
        Birth EPD (pounds) is based on the measured birth weight   HB ...... HerdBuilder Index – Need bulls for developing a profi table cowherd and
        of progeny, adjusted for dam age. The lower the value the   maximizing the value of marketed progeny? Select a bull with a high HB value.
        lighter the calf at birth and the lower the likelihood of a diffi -
        cult birth. This is particularly important when selecting sires   GM ...... GridMaster Index – If you market all of your calf crop and want to
        for use over heifers.                                  increase the value of that calf crop, select a bull with a high GM value to
                                                               maximize your profi t.
        Weaning EPD (pounds) is calculated from the weight of
        progeny taken between 80 and 300 days of age. Values are   CED ..... Calving Ease Direct – Breeding Heifers? Select bulls with a high CED to
        adjusted to 205 days and for age of dam. This EPD is the   increase the probability that the heifers will calve unassisted.
        best single estimate of an animal’s genetic merit for growth   BW...... Birth Weight – Predicts differences in birth weight. BW is included
        to early ages.                                         in the CED EPD, so simplify your decisions by selecting bulls based on CED
        Yearling EPD (pounds) is calculated from the weight of   instead of BW.
        progeny taken between 301 and 450 days of age, adjusted   WW ..... Weaning Weight and YW ....Yearling Weight – Predicts differences
        to 365 days and for age of dam. This EPD is the best single   in weight at weaning and yearling. While selection based on these growth
        estimate of a sire’s genetic merit for yearling weight.  measures can increase your payweight, be cautious what the bull’s other EPDs
        Scrotal Circumference EPD (centimetres) is calculated from   are.
        measurements of scrotal size in yearling bulls, adjusted to   Milk .... Milk – Predicts differences in weaning weight of daughter’s progeny
        365 days. Scrotal circumference is a good indicator of pu-  due to milk production.
        berty, fertility and semen quality/quantity. Increased scrotal
        size will also result in decreased age of puberty in daughters   ME ...... Maintenance Energy – Selecting bulls with a lower ME EPD will
        and greater lifetime production. Positive EPD values indicate   decrease the amount of feed his daughters will require to maintain body weight.
        larger scrotal circumference.
                                                               HPG..... Heifer Pregnancy – Retaining heifers? Select bulls with a high HPG to
        Milk EPD (pounds) is an estimate of an animal’s milking   increase the percentage of exposures that result in a calving observation.
        ability. For sires, this EPD indicates the effect of the daugh-
        ter’s milking ability, inherited from the sire, on the weaning   CEM .... Calving Ease Maternal – Another number to pay attention to if you are
        and yearling weights of her calves. For dams, it indicates her   retaining heifers. Selecting bulls with a high CEM will increase the probability of
        own milking ability.                                   those daughters calving unassisted.

        Maternal Weaning Weight EPD (pounds) is a combination   STAY.... Stayability – The most important trait if your goal is developing cows
        of Milk and Weaning EPDs and estimates the genetic merit   that stay productive, thus increasing your profi tability. Bulls that have a high
        of the animal to produce a calf at weaning.            Stay EPD are expected to sire daughters that remain productive in the herd until
                                                               at least 6 years of age.

                                                               MARB .. Marbling Score – Select bulls with high MARB EPD to increase the
                                                               number of progeny that grade Choice or Prime.
                                                               YG ...... Yield Grade – Marketing calves on a grid? Placing selection pressure on
                                                               YG EPD will decrease the number of YG discounts on grid-marketed progeny.
                                                               CW...... Carcasss Weight – Selecting bulls with a high CW EPD will increase the
                                                               weight of the hanging carcass, which directly impacts revenue.

                                                               REA ..... Rib Eye Area – Need to add muscle? Select bulls with a high REA EPD
                                                               to increase rib eye area, which favorably increases Yield Grade.

                                                               FAT ..... Backfat – Need to reduce waste in carcasses? Select bulls with a low
                                                               FAT EPD to reduce backfat, which favorably increases Yield Grade.

        F1 steer calves born in April and weighing 626 lbs. off
        the cow with no creep feed, have sold at the market top
        year after year.
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