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                                            Semen & Embryos

          46 3 Red Halfblood Moderator Embryos
                                                                                             Miss XL
        Sire: Lazy G Infrared FM8700
        Dam: Miss XL W96E Registered Simmental 2504896
        Here is a set of full sib embryos to our EZ Lazer 146A bull we own with
        Dean Danilson in Iowa. He’s a great breeding bull. These embryos will
        produce some excellent red Moderator calves sired by the highest marbling
        sire in the breed.
                                                                                  Lazy G

        47A       Brackengrae Beau Lad               AULM054    47B      EZ Red Lodge 7C                     FM25991

                  Fullblood Bull
                                                                         Red Fullblood Bull
        Beau Lad is the “6807” of the Lowline                  Red Lodge has been an impressive red full-
        breed. His daughters are incredibly, funda-            blood that we used as a yearling.  He bred
        mentally sound. He is consistently found in            well on several head and stayed in remark-
        the genetic background of a majority of the            able shape. Truly one of the best looking red
        breed’s best breeding stock, both bulls and            fullbloods anywhere.
        females. Not only are his cattle attractive            Selling 10 straws.
        and functional, they have superior carcass
        genetics. There is very limited Beau Lad
        semen. Selling 3 straws.

         47C      All Jammed Up 00B                  FM27211    47D      ALM Clout 27H                      FM9

                  Fullblood Bull
                                                                         Fullblood Bull
        All Jammed Up is one of All Jacked Up’s                Clout is an underused asset to the breed.
        most dynamic sons.  He was 2017 National               He is a powerful son of the great Admiral
        Reserve Champion Senior Yearling Bull in               J222, the foundation herd sire for the
        Denver and he is extremely fertile, producing          famous Brambletye herd in Australia.  His
        excellent quality semen.  Co-owned with Big            calves are thick and his daughters milk very
        Island in Alberta.                                     well.
        Selling 10 straws.                                     Selling 10 straws.

         47E      Litt le Joe 305R                   FM3119     47F      TRA M206 Midshipman                AULM004

                  Fullblood Bull
                                                                         Fullblood Bull
        The National Champion Little Joe has sired             Another underused fullblood bull is the old
        the National Champion Pen of Heifers in the            “Ribeye King” Midshipman.  His halfblood
        all breed Commercial Heifer Show at the Na-            daughters were the foundation of our
        tional Western Stock Show.  His daughters              Moderator herd.  He is easy calving, well
        make great cows.  Selling 10 straws.                   muscled and produces great females.
                                                               Selling 10 straws.

        47G       EZ Sawyer 321S                     XM8521    47H       EZ Lazer 146A                      MM2403

                                                                         Red Halfblood
                  3/4 Moderator Bull
                                                                         Moderator Bull
        Sawyer is a black red gene carrier 3/4 blood awyer isssssssssssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaa aa a a aa aa bbbbbblblblblblblablablaablablabbbbblbblb ck r
        Moderator bull who puts show style and                 Lazer is a well muscled, well built Moderator
        muscle in his calves.  His daughters are               halfblood out of a tremendous Red Angus
        attractive and great calf raisers.  We use him         X Simmental donor cow.  You will love his
        on 3/4 females to stay at that super effi cient         calves.  They come easy and yet really grow.
        3/4 level and we use him on 1/4 bloods to              Selling 10 straws.
        make some competitive halfbloods.
        Selling 10 straws.
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