Page 12 - Effertz EZ Ranch's 11th Annual Breeders Seminar & Production Sale
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                                           Moderator Females

                                           Halfblood Bull Calf Pair
          26 RLL 9203W                           Reg: XF10200
                 BD: 5/4/09  Tatt RLL9203W Black
                                        Athanlee Herman
                 Tequila                Brambletye Agnes J306
        LLB Mr. Rib R508
                                        Admiral J222
                                        Brambletye Bronwyn II M051


        Lot 26A: Halfblood bull calf EZ145E born 4/26/17 sired by Sundance BW: 68#. She can really
        wean a big calf. This halfblood Mr. Rib cow milks very well and her bull calf is already growing
                                                                                       Lot 26
        like crazy. Nice pair.                                                         Lot 26
                                       5/8 Cow and 81% Heifer Calf
          27 EZ Luisa 516C                       Reg: MF32806
                 BD: 7/6/15  Tatt EZ516C  Black      BW: 58
                                        EZ Lisbon 29L
                 EZ Western 40W         EZ Twinkle 16T
        EZ Luke 24Z
                                        Murrumbong LGL Bluey
                 Bar J Brook 9W2
                                        SC Brook 118M 102H

                 Simmental Bull

        EZ Penny 103A                   Quartermaster
                 EZ Penny 128K
                                            Salers Cow
        Lot 27A: 81% heifer calf EZ309E born 4/19/17 sired by Red Lodge BW: 40#. Here’s a sweet
        made, ultra clean fronted young, young 5/8 fi rst calf heifer who calved at 21 months of age. Her
        grand dam 128K was a National Champion. She could carry the red gene.
                                                                                       Lot 27
                                                                                       Lot 27
                                                  Bred 3/4 Cow
          28 EZ Miss Pride 312S                  Reg: XF8009
                 BD: 4/2/06  Tatt EZ312S  Black      BW: 50
                                        Brambletye Bosun L006
                 Nevada N060            Glen Innes J389
        ALM Dakota Pride
                                        Trangie J078
                 Trangie L004
                                        Binowee Ruth
                                        Kaptain Planet K001
                 Midshipman M206
                                        Trangie C124
        Miss Dakota Classic 013J

        She is bred to Momentum due in mid May. This stout made, well balanced 3/4 blood cow is a
        picture of effi ciency. She always raised a good calf and is always in excellent condition. Very
        stout cow family.                                                              Lot 28
                                                                                       Lot 28
                                              Bred Purebred Cow
          29 EZ Meghan 712U                      Reg: PF7873
                 BD: 4/14/08  Tatt EZ712U  Black      BW: 44
                                        Kaptain Planet K001
                 Midshipman M206        Trangie C124
        EZ Magnum 72J
                                        Trangie J260
                 Mugga Marnie L290
                                        Trangie C192
                                        Admiral J222
                 ALM Clout 27H
                                        Brambletye Agnes II M044
        EZ Miss Clout 390M
                 EZ Miss Quartermaster 135K  Quartermaster
        She is bred to Boxcar due in July. Here’s another dandy, highly effi cient purebred cow who is
        always in good shape. She’s a Magnum 72J daughter from a really good line of cows.
                                                                                        Lot 29
                                                                                        Lot 29
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