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                                           Moderator Females

                                                  Bred 3/4 Cow
          30 EZ Stella 308A                      Reg: MF32345
                 BD: 4/2/13  Tatt EZ308A  Black       BW: 63
                                        Nevada N060
                 ALM Dakota Pride 60J   Trangie L004
        EZ Sawyer 321S
                                        Bosun’s Mate N066
                 Miss Dakota Classic 008J
                                        Athanlee Herman R007
                 Union Pacifi c U280
                                        Brambletye Tara II Q111
        EZ Miss Pacifi c 382M
                 EZ Miss Bosun’s Mate 925J  Bosun’s Mate N066
        She is due in September to All Jacked Up. What a nice made Sawyer daughter. She’s a double
        3/4 blood Moderator cow and safe in calf to All Jacked Up - should be a great one!
                                                                            EZ Saywer 321S, sire of Lots 30 and 31
                                                                            EZ Saywer 321S, sire of Lots 30 and 31
                                                  Bred 3/4 Cow                                         3/4 Bull Calf Pair
          31 EZ Sassy 320A                       Reg: MF22237 32 EZ Nightingale W054                    Reg: MF28746
                 BD: 4/16/13  Tatt EZ320A  Black      BW: 60            BD: 3/1/09  Tatt EZW054  Black
                                        Nevada N060                                            Beau Aaron M390
                 ALM Dakota Pride 60J   Trangie L004                    Beau Lad               Glen Innes M343
        EZ Sawyer 321S                                         Champion Valley Nitro 10L
                 Miss Dakota Classic 008J  Bosun’s Mate N066            ALM Vegas 01J          Nevada N060
                                        339 Angus                                              Brambletye Q131
                                        EZ Magnum 72J
                 EZ Pistol 23P
                                        Brambletye T983
        EZ Prissy 306W                                         Angus
                 EZ Miss Sherman 174P   EZ Sherman 24J
        She bred to All Jacked Up and due in July. Sassy is another young 3/4 blood Sawyer daughter   Lot 32A: 3/4 bull calf EZ311E born 4/23/17 sired by EZ Luke 24Z BW: 54#. Here’s a modest
        who traces to Pistol and Sherman, two of the best fullblood bulls we’ve used.  framed, easy doing, high percentage cow who is only registered as a halfblood. She’s another
                                                               low input cow that earns her keep.
                                              Bred Halfblood Cow
          33 EZ Nellie U017                      Reg: MF28944
                 BD: 3/1/08  Tatt EZU017  Black
                                        Beau Aaron M390
                 Beau Lad               Glen Innes M343
        Champion Valley Nitro 10L
                                        Nevada N060
                 ALM Vegas 01J
                                        Brambletye Q131


        She is bred to EZ Luke 24Z due in May. Again, this higher percentage cow is only registered as
        a halfblood but is a very effi cient calf raiser.

        Here at EZ Ranch, we also raise a few red pointing
        labs. Greta’s litter last summer is pictured above.
        Her sons Ace and Rusty really enjoyed the snow in
        December!  They are well loved, great hunters and
        great pets.
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