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                                            Fullblood Females

                                              Fullblood Bred Cow                                     Fullblood Bred Cow
          12 EZ Ariel 25B                        Reg: FF22858 13 DAD Sweet Jackie 4X 404B Reg: FF23483
                 BD: 5/5/14  Tatt EZ25B   Black       BW: 46            BD: 4/13/14  Tatt DAD404B Black
                                        Commander K162                                         Ardrossan Neron
                 Commander Bligh N076   Brambletye Felicity J167         MCR Opinionated       MCR Blue Flag 53R
        EZ Commando 51X                                        Bonanza’s Boxcar 3Y
                                        Trangie F069                                           Kobblevale Chudleigh
                 Brambletye Amicable J152                                Bonanza LLC Starr
                                        Trangie F153                                           Binnowee Starr
                                        Beau Lad                                               Colombo Park Zeffi relli
                 EZ Lisbon 29L                                           DDR Raptor 3T
                                        EZ Olivia 15G                                          SPCR Laddie R05
        EZ Jasmine 23U                  Brambletye Arunta L013  DDR Sweet Pod 14X              Utah
                 EZ Fantasia 20J                                         EZ Sweet Pea 49S
                                        Mugga Fidelity F338                                    ALM Prairie 40H
        Here’s a young Commando 51X daughter of the Jasmine 23U cow that produced our sale   This 3-year-old Boxcar daughter traces to one of the biggest, most powerful fullblood cows in
        topper in 2013, Boxcar Willie. Her All Jacked Up calf should be outstanding. She is bred to All   the breed, ALM Prairie 40H, who is a out of a sister to Bess. She is bred to All Jacked Up for a
        Jacked Up for a fullblood calf due in September.       fall fullblood calf.
                                            Open Fullblood Heifer
          14 EZ Lucia 18D                        Reg: FF30526
                 BD: 4/19/16  Tatt EZ18D  Black       BW: 46
                                        EZ Lisbon 29L
                 EZ Western 40W         EZ Twinkle 16T
        EZ Luke 24Z
                                        Murrumbong LGL Bluey
                 Bar J Brook 9W2
                                        SC Brook 118M 102H
                                        Colombo Park Tannhauser
                 Colombo Park Zaccaria
                                        Mugga Sabrina S086
        EZ Zelda 8B
                 DVL Mitzie 54RY        Findon Royale
                                        EZ Tawny 77T
        This Luke daughter is out of a very special fi rst calf heifer who is a daughter of the great Austra-
        lian bull Colombo Park Zaccaria, going back to a Findon Royale sister to Cinderella. She’s really
        nice and uniquely well bred!                                                    Lot 14
                                            Open Fullblood Heifer
          15 EZ Beauty 28D                       Reg: FF30516

                 BD: 4/21/16  Tatt EZ28D  Black       BW: 44
                                        Yarra Ranges Jackaroo
                 DDR LL Jack 1Y         EZ Lexie Lee 46R
        Jack Daniels 305A
                                        Double J’s The Brick 281T
                 DD Bricks Lass 80T 109Y
                                        Miss Jets Boris 80T
                                        Ardrossan Neron
                 MCR Opinionated
                                        MCR Blue Flag 53R
        Bonanza’s Beauty 1Y             LTL Dillon
                 LTL LaSalle
                                        TNT Victoria 002M
        This long sided, well bred April fullblood heifer has a pedigree that is stacked with champions
        and great cows. Jackaroo, Dillon, Brick, Opinionated. LaSalle, Victoria, 80T and Bonanza’s
        Beauty. She’s loaded!                                                           Lot 15
                                            Open Fullblood Heifer
          16 EZ Duchess 52D                      Reg: FF30521
                 BD: 6/15/16  Tatt EZ52D  Black       BW: 52
                                        Ardrossan Neron
                 MCR Opinionated        MCR Blue Flag 53R
        Bonanza’s Boxcar 3Y
                                        Kobblevale Chudleigh
                 Bonanza LLC Starr
                                        Binnowee Starr
                                        Nevada N060
                 ALM Dakota Pride
                                        Trangie L004
        EZ Princess 19T
                 ALM Mid Mugga 05J      Midshipman M206
                                        Mugga Petula 2nd P037
        Here’s an extra fancy daughter of Princess 19T, lot 7. This summer heifer calf will be competi-
        tive in the fullblood division and traces back to the mother of EZ Magnum 72J.
                                                                               Lot 16
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