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40        Kit Kat Double Kate

                                                                         2008 Buckskin Mare          AQHA #5071203
                                                                                                    Bueno Chex
                                                                                   Tuf N Busy
                                                               Double Tuf Chex                      Keeping Busy
                                                                                                    Dry Double
                                                                                   Fannies Dry Double  Chickadee Bailey
                                                                                                    Zans Bouncy Jack
                                                                                   Ima Jackzan
                                                               Ima Lucky Kate                       Ima Two Eyed
                                                                                                    Zippo’s Straw
                                                                                   Zips Lucky Ten   Two Eyed Nellie
                                                               Tanner is a truly beautiful, fl awlessly made buckskin mare. She is very, very gentle
                                                               both to ride as well as handle. She keeps like a gelding, hauls, stables and runs with
                                                               them. She can be ridden bareback and in a halter. She’s smooth to ride and has soft
                                                               collected gaits. She rides like a reiner yet gentle for anyone to take out solo on the
                                                               ranch and trails. Also, she’s a head and heel horse, and works outstanding with any
                                                               roper. Tanner is a true gem.
                                                                  TNT Quarter Horses LLC • Tom & Trink Morss – 307-751-2449

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