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29        Taz

                                                                         2010 Palomino Gelding                 Grade

                                                               Taz is a good-minded gelding. He has drug calves to the fi re and has been ranched
                                                               on. He’s been hauled to jackpots – both heading and heeling. Taz has also been
                                                               started in the barrels. He’s gentle, been ridden in the mountains and is quick on his
                                                               feet. He’s ready for a job.
                                                                                                 Jr Dees – 605-695-6762

                                                                30        Smartnsandino

                                                                         2005 Sorrel Gelding        AQHA #4674689
                                                                                   Peppy San Badger  Mr San Peppy
                                                               Little Sandino                       Sugar Badger
                                                                                   Doctors Sandy Doll  Doc’s J Jay
                                                                                                    Sandstorm Dun
                                                                                   Valedoctorian    Smart Little Lena
                                                               Smart N Nita                         Tamu Maggie Gold
                                                                                   Nita Jo Quixote  Doc Quixote
                                                                                                    Donita Jo
                                                               Conformation, brains and broke to ride. Cisco is a stout-made gelding, perfect sized
                                                               with roan hairs and that good coon tail! A people horse, kind and LOVES attention.
                                                               You will not fi nd a more kind eye and heart. A real ranching gelding, used and ridden
                                                               on big ranches. Will walk out alone and walk back home. He will get down on his
                                                               belly and watch a cow, and can log cattle. Crosses water, bridges and logs with ease.
                                                               If you like to enjoy a nice trail ride, Cisco knows the way and can show you a smooth,
                                                               good time! A BIG TIME head horse here! Scores, can mortally fl y, rate, handles cattle
                                                               right and faces. Hauled and won on. Cisco is sound, UTD on worming, dental and
                                                                                Turner Performance Horses – 406-381-2347

                                                                 31       Rooster

                                                                         2008 Sorrel Gelding                  Grade

                                                               There are so many ways to describe Rooster. A few that come to mind are “Cadillac”
                                                               or “Foreman’s Horse,” but they are all correct. He stands 15.1 H and is pretty from
                                                               his nose to his tail. We call him Rooster because we thought he looked like John
                                                               Wayne’s horse in True Grit! When you go to the corral or pasture, Rooster will fi nd
                                                               you to get caught. He is a pleasure to tack up and stands great for mounting and dis-
                                                               mounting. Rooster was raised on a mountain ranch in Wyoming so he is no stranger
                                                               to rough terrain and long days. We have had him for four years now and we use him
                                                               for all the ranch chores. We have done a lot of cattle work as far as sorting and mov-
                                                               ing to different patures with him. We have used him in the branding pen some as
                                                               well. Rooster goes where he is asked with no hestitation. He has a nice, soft neck rein
                                                               and a perfect stop that when you say, “Whoa!” you can sit! He pivots on his front and
                                                               back ends nicely. You can let Rooster sit for long periods of time and when you go
                                                               back to riding, there’s no problems. Rooster is sound and gentle with no buck. He’s
                                                               the kind of horse anyone can ride and be proud to own. I encourage you to come to
                                                               our ranch and ride him prior to the sale. Give us a call with questions.
                                                                                            Jaden Huntley – 701-391-9587
        V                                                                                                        1717
        Videos on YouTube: League of Legends Invitational Horse Sale ideos on YouTube: League of Legends Invitational Horse Sale
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