Page 4 - Severance Diamond Charolais & Angus Production Sale – Feb. 2, 2018
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           Dear Cattle Friends,

           Welcome to our Annual Bull and Female sale. It
           is with deep appreciation that we welcome you to
           attend our sale. I fi rmly believe that you will fi nd the
           best set of Charolais and Angus bulls that we have
           offered for many years. The uniformity and quality
           runs deep to the last animals in both breeds. The
           Charolais offering has several sires that are new this
           year, and they all worked very well. The Angus of-
           fering is heavily AI sired by some of the best known
           and proven bulls in the Angus breed. The Angus
           offering may look like we are using a wide variety
           of AI sires, but remember we have over 200 Angus                         Jan and Sally Jo
           cows, and only offer the best of the best in this sale.
           This is a great opportunity for you to purchase an outstanding son of some of the highest valued bulls in the
           Angus breed.

           The past year brought many weather related challenges to much of the region. A long-term forecast that
           I read by a meteorologist from UND in Grand Forks has been accurate so far. He predicted a cold start in
           November and then warm up, but seriously cold temperatures during the holidays. He predicts off and on
           cold spells, with a cool wet spring and delays in planting due to wet conditions, so we will see. But we need
           to plan ahead, do our normal business, and have some faith that things will work out and grass and hay will
           be provided in 2018. I believe they will be.

           We will be selling some bred heifers again this year. They are all replacement heifers that we had intended
           to keep for ourselves, but they were selected for this sale by their respective due dates. They are bred to
           calve in late March and early April. We have ultrasound dates available, but they were not far enough along
           to be able to sex them. I really hate to sell these young females, but we need them to calf early to have their
           calves ready for our early bull sale. They will all make great cows.

           Ray Trudeau will be at the sale again this year. If you have a chance, talk to him about his bull insurance. We
           use it on all our new purchases each year.

           The year 2018 marks our 43rd year of selling bulls and our 27th sale at Kist Livestock. We thank you for
           your years of friendship and support.

           Join us for a noon meal at Kist Livestock Café on Friday, February 2. Hope to
           see you at the sale, and please feel free to call if we can help in any way.

           Thank you,

           Jan, Sally Jo and Randy Severance

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