Page 5 - Severance Diamond Charolais & Angus Production Sale – Feb. 2, 2018
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                                                                               SALE I

                                                                               THANK YOU!OU!
                                                                               THANK Y
                                                                 Please join us in the Kist Café for a complimentary meal at noon.
                                                                      Please join us for coffee and cookies after the sale.
                        Commitment. Relationships. Trust.
                                                                       Please leave with Diane and her offi ce crew your
                Thank you, Leedstone, for your help in           cell phone number if we are taking the bulls back home for you.
                      sponsoring the Noon meal!
               We work with Leedstone for our vaccines and many other
               animal health needs. Excellent prices; and the service is top-  Call Us For Your Insurance Needs!
               For a free catalog and product pricing, contact Erin Hannig
                                                                                                  Katie Williams

                         FOR SALE:
                         FOR SALE:
                   High-quality, 24’ free-standing panels
                   and 26’ guard rail windbreak panels

                                                                    Randa Dean      Ray Trudeau      Amy Bussmus-Puepke
                                                                   FARM + LIVESTOCK MORTALITY/ASD INFERTILITY
                                                                       COMMERCIAL + CROP + HOME + AUTO

                                                                                            1531 W. Elm • PO Box 487
                                                                                              Mitchell, SD 57301
                                                                                           605.996.3106 • 605.770.5170 C
                (701) 758-2478 or (701) 720-2893 (cell)                          

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