Page 10 - Turner Performance Horses' League of Legends Sale 2017 - Quarter Horses
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12       Kits Little Twist

                                                                         2011 Sorrel Gelding         AQHA #5381590
                                                                                                    Doc Bar
                                                                                   Doc O’Lena
                                                               Freckles Fancy Twist                 Poco Lena
                                                                                                    Peppy San Badger
                                                                                   Peppymint Twist  Freckles Twist
                                                                                                    Doc Tari
                                                                                   Zack T Wood
                                                               Clays Little Kit                     Lintons Lady Doc
                                                                                                    Peppy San Badger
                                                                                   Clays Little Peppy  Miss Doc Smoke
                                                               A TRUE FAMILY HORSE – It has been a HUGE decision to sell Fancy. Many tears will
                                                               be shed when he leaves our ranch – he is FAMILY! But because we want to sell our
                                                               best horses at our horse sale, our loss is your gain. Everyone knows this horse – from
                                                               Mexico to Canada – and that’s no joke. He has been ridden by 6-year-olds on up.
                                                               He is one horse that can read who his rider is. When a timid rider is on his back, he
                                                               barely gets out of a walk. But for you competitors, he will shift gears and give you his
                                                               all.Ropes under his tail to cockleburs under his saddle pad, ridden fi ve days a week
                                                               or once a month, he will not make a bad move. He has all the bells and whistles of
                                                               a reined cow horse, lopes in the palm of your hand and can trot the BIG trot for the
                                                               AQHA Ranch Horse classes. A quiet ranch and trail gelding, point and go, rides solo
                                                               with no worries. A real ranch horse – branded, doctored, sorted and gathered. He
                                                               will get down on his belly and work a cow. He is an alpha horse in the herd. Quiet for
                                                               children to handle, stands tied and good to clip and saddle. A high-end rope horse
                                                               who has the foot speed, rate and boy, he can stop. We have hauled him from the #6
                                                               to the #15s, and won on him in the heeling. He is also a calf horse. He is strong from
                                                               the horn and has been tied onto. No matter your pleasure, Fancy is sure to make you
                                                               smile. He deserves a wonderful loving home. UTD on worming, dental and farrier.
                                                                                Turner Performance Horses – 406-381-2347

                                                                 13       Frosted Up Guy

                                                                         2012 Buckskin Gelding       AQHA #5476254
                                                                                                    Sun Frost
                                                                                   Frenchmans Guy
                                                               Ante Up Guy                          Frenchman’s Lady
                                                                                   Annie Up Cats    Marthas Six Moons
                                                                                                    Cash In The Kitty
                                                                                                    Sun Frost
                                                                                   AP Frosted Knight
                                                               Frosted Della                        AP Night
                                                                                   Continental Tikki  Continental Fly
                                                                                                    Conchosa Lady 031
                                                               Frost is a beautiful, gentle gelding with an A+ personality. He is smart, talented and
                                                               so easy to ride. Frost has a solid start in roping, is really cowy and has drug calves to
                                                               the fi re. He has been ridden in rough country, all over the Black Hills of South Dako-
                                                               ta. He absolutely loves people He walks to you when being caught, has a kind eye,
                                                               loves attention and enjoys being bathed, clipped and loved on. He crosses bridges,
                                                               open gates and drags items behind him. He is slicker broke, loads well and gets
                                                               along with the other horses. We have owned Frost for four years and he has never
                                                               taken a lame step. Frost’s kindness and disposition is what makes him super special.
                                                               Call Chrissy for more information.
                                                                                   Ross & Chrissy Peterson – 605-347-1068

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