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20        Gamblin Trophy

                                                                         2008 Bay Gelding            AQHA #5165640

                                                                                   Badgers Trophy   Peppy San Badger
                                                               Primaveras Ceejay                    Crier’s Marie
                                                                                   Ceejay Nueve     Tacho Peppy
                                                                                                    Miss Meg 80
                                                                                   Jaycee Fiddle    Dans Gamblin Man
                                                               Miss Hitch 403                       Jaycee Susiesolution
                                                                                   Lenny Gold       Budweiser Jim
                                                                                                    Golden Jagalena
                                                               He has a “heart” the size of Montana! Chip is honest, able and willing, and his con-
                                                               formation alone is just the icing on the cake! He’s a family-friendly horse that will let
                                                               you walk out and catch him, and tie all day anywhere. Chip is a fi nished head horse,
                                                               can score, run, rate, has a cool move across the pen, will not duck, and has a snappy
                                                               face. Chip is an EXCELLENT ranch horse, used in the branding pen, will hold a calf
                                                               when doctoring, and cowy to sort on. Knows the job at hand and is a complete asset
                                                               to have around. He is a sure-footed trail horse that will let you go at your own pace
                                                               confi dently down the trail. Chip is one of those hard-to-fi nd, good ’ole boys that will
                                                               give you his all!
                                                                                Turner Performance Horses – 406-381-2347

                                                                 21       Cold Zips To The Sun

                                                                         2011 Palomino Gelding       AQHA #5368213
                                                                                   Sun Frost        Doc’s Jack Frost
                                                               Cold Sun                             Prissy Cline
                                                                                   Molly McWiggles  Heza Driftbar
                                                                                                    Corona Boon
                                                                                   Red Rim Rock     Rainbow Sage
                                                               Rim Rocks Moon                       Cherub Tracy
                                                                                   Step On The Moon  Zip To The Moon
                                                                                                    Miss Fritzy Step
                                                               This yellow gelding stands 15 H and weighs 1,200 lbs. He is quiet, gentle, no buck
                                                               and ayone can ride him. He is a pleasure to ride outside whether ranching or trail rid-
                                                               ing. A 6-year-old girl has used him in the sorting pen and outside. He is well started
                                                               on the Heel-O-Matic heeling. He’s good to shoe and haul. UTD on shots, deworming
                                                               and dental. Come try before the sale. Call Collin at 406-223-1906.
                                                                                   Will & Jerri Lynn Foerck – 830-491-7738

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