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22        Commander Dunnit

                                                                         2012 Bay Gelding            AQHA #5500414
                                                               Commanders Nic                       Docs Leavem Smoke
                                                                                                    Docs Fritzie Command
                                                                                   Miss Bam Bam Command  Docs Farrah Chex
                                                                                                    Hollywood Dun It
                                                                                   Heeza Dun It
                                                               Dunitz Midnight Glo                  Lancet Pawnee
                                                                                                    Mr Joe Glo
                                                                                   Miss Lu Glo      Miss Lu Lena
                                                               A future star here and, when only cute will do, with a huge hip, a babydoll head and
                                                               a puppy-dog personality. He is an in-your-pocket-kind of guy – so kind, quiet and
                                                               relaxed. Slinger is a low-geared horse who really enjoys being ridden out on the
                                                               ranch and the trails. He’s very good with his feet in rough terrain and is smooth to
                                                               ride out across the country. He has been heeled on in the arena, sorted cows on and
                                                               other aspects of ranch work. He is like riding in your favorite recliner – he just stays
                                                               very chill and laid back.
                                                                                      T & T Quarter Horses – 406-381-2347

                                                                23        Golden CD

                                                                         2013 Sorrel Gelding         AQHA #5570133
                                                                                                    High Brow Hickory
                                                                                   High Brow Cat
                                                               High Brow CD                         Smart Little Kitty
                                                                                                    CD Olena
                                                                                   Sweet Little CD  Sweet Lil Lena
                                                                                                    Smart Little Lena
                                                                                   Smart Mate
                                                               Colonels Mate                        Freckles Playmate
                                                                                                    Colonel Flip
                                                                                   Flips Golden Arc  Hummin Smoke
                                                               The ABSOLUTE, without-a-doubt sweetest horse and our ranch mascot. An incredibly
                                                               intelligent, handsome and a well broke 4-year-old gelding. By NCHA Horse of the
                                                               Year High Brow CD, NCHA earner of $542,101. His offspring have earned over $6.4
                                                               million. It’s no wonder Boyd has the try and talent he does. Having had fi ve months
                                                               of cutting training, he is such a hand when working cattle. He rides like he is 8,
                                                               crosses water, bridges and logs. Has a slow collected lope or moves out when asked.
                                                               A defi nite junior ranch horse pleasure contender. He is an asset on the ranch, having
                                                               branded, doctored and sorted tons of cattle. Although, we do not call our horses
                                                               “kid” horses, he has been ridden this summer by a 12-year-old novice rider. Every
                                                               time she goes to catch him, he walks up to her to be caught. Boyd loves to be ridden
                                                               and used and tries his heart out. He stands patiently to let her saddle, bridle and
                                                               mount, and rides quietly down to the arena or pasture where she rides him. He has
                                                               been hauled to see the sights and sounds, being used at rodeos to shag cattle out of
                                                               the arena, carry fl ags and as a judge’s horse. A bomb could probably go off and Boyd
                                                               wouldn’t move a hair. A REAL head, heel and calf horse prospect, and he won’t take
                                                               all your time either. He will pin his ears on the Heel-O-Matic, lead steer or when your
                                                               roping on him in the arena. He has natural rate and keeps his hocks underneath him.
                                                               UTD on worming, dental and farrier. It will be a sad day Sept. 10, when we go home
                                                               and Boyd is not going to be there.
                                                                                Turner Performance Horses – 406-381-2347

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        Videos on YouTube: League of Legends Invitational Horse Sale ideos on YouTube: League of Legends Invitational Horse Sale
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